Two or Four pegs.

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9/8/2016 5:14 AM

I'm considering 4 pegs since some drive side hub guard is on special where I live I have only been learning to grind for the past 6-8 months on the left side and I'm left foot forward. Are there any cons to having 4 pegs? like if I bail will my feet get caught, mess up drivers or mess up bearings, etc. Also, pegs and hub guard are real expensive where i live so thats why im kinda not just chucking it on without asking on here first.
Cheers for any replies in advance!


9/8/2016 8:49 AM

If you've got a short chainstay, you'll probably catch your heel on your peg every now and then. If you've got a dsg on you shouldn't mess up your driver. Although if you slip off the peg you could land on your sprocket.
If you do a lot of grinds, you'll risk damaging your bearings and axle, regardless how many pegs you've got or what side they're on


9/8/2016 9:55 AM

There's not too many issues with running four pegs besides needing to protect the drivetrain components.

Adding 4 pegs for me allows me to do fakie grind and switch/Oppo grinds.


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9/9/2016 8:10 AM

4 pegs so you can fuck with flatland lol


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