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10/7/2016 7:01 PM

This one is aimed at anyone with experience.

1. Anyone in the US have experience with ordering from Chain Reaction?

2. Any issues with customs if you have ordered from overseas?

3. Anyone have experience with the aftermarket Blank Bikes stuff?

The pricing in USD is super good on a lot of stuff and it makes me want to order stuff from there. The Blank Grizzly frame is like 140 bucks, full chromoly and decently geo. Plus it isn't what everyone here has. Also they have aftermarket chromoly forks starting around 50 bucks.


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10/7/2016 7:08 PM

I have ordered from them several times with no problems. Most of the time, their stuff shipped from the UK gets to my house faster than something shipped to me from California. The parts go through customs and are flown into New York. I have never had any issues with hang ups at all, zero added fees. As for Blank......I have no idea.



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10/7/2016 7:52 PM

1. Yes, through Amazon.

2. None at all. Bought BSD and Alienation parts from them.

3. No, but hopefully the buying & shipping is as a breeze as it was for me.

That brand is sick! Never seen it before, might have to look into them more, haha.


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10/7/2016 10:33 PM

Blank is a budget brand. I've never had anything of theirs personally though.
I recently bought 5 dvd's from chainreaction and including shipping it came to less than £7! (that's less than £1 each, which is really cheap). Chainreaction always have good deals on a lot of things. And it would probably be worth taking advantage of the weak £ right now!


10/8/2016 4:29 AM

I've rode blank parts a few years ago, bard sprocket and a back wheel, bars and sprocket are being used by a friend and the rims still going strong, hub crapped out though.