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11/25/2013 5:47 PM

I've been running the Mac bars for a while and those are 4 up, I'm really thinking about jumping to a 9 inch bar cause I feel hunched on my frame (I'm 6'1" and ride 21") and the Primo Rebar's have 2 up, will that 2 degrees of upsweep make much of a difference?


11/25/2013 6:09 PM

it'll probably feel like your bars are bent for a little bit. I have 4 upsweep & have ridden friends bikes with 1 or 2 upsweep, and the bars feel slightly bent down since I'm so used to 4 up now


11/25/2013 6:25 PM

Get the Odyssey Sand bars (9" rise, 4 up), I have them and they're great, come with lifetime warranty (41 thermal). They changed the name to Odyssey Sweepstakes bars now (cause Eric Lich was kicked off Odyssey and they were his signature bars)


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11/25/2013 7:42 PM

I was thinking it might feel a little more bent down, but honestly that sounds kinda nice, 4 seems like there's too much lift, I think I'm gonna look for 2-3 upsweep