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5/12/2014 1:03 PM

What are some good music tracks out there that I could use for Edits? I am open to ALL genre types. The only thing I request is keeping the Cuss words minimal and Im not one for Tits, Ass, Drugs and Booze Lyrics.


5/12/2014 6:14 PM

A lot of Chiddy Bang's songs are decently clean and really up beat.
'You're Gonna Go Far Kid." by Offspring is a good song but it says fucker a lot.
Watsky has some songs that I think could be pretty good for edits.
Hoodie Allen's "Fame is For Assholes" is a good song but it's a bit dirty.

You can always look for clean or edited versions of the songs that cut out the cuss words.


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5/13/2014 5:47 AM

I like to use something slower on my edits like :
"EVIDENCE feat SLUG & AESOP ROCK - late for the sky"


"Portugal.The Man - Modern Jesus"

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