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9/4/2014 4:39 AM

Some of you may remember me; I quit riding a few years ago now. Just didn't have the time, became dedicated to other parts of my life.
My bike has been sat in the shed for a while now. And I'm moving to university next week, I don't feel i'll ever start riding again. if i do i will just buy a new bike.

My bike got stolen last year and i got it back, they changed a few things but nothing major.
what it used too look like
What it looks like now:

Part list:
Frame Other simple debut 21tt
Fork alienation (when it got stolen they changed this from odyssey dirt)
Handlebars S&M slam xtra light
Stem S&M xtra light
Grips Animal edwins
Sprocket Coalition 28 tooth
Cranks SNAFU 13
Spindle SNAFU
Pedals shimano DX
Brake levers Primo
Brakes Odyssey evolver
Brake cables Odyssey slic linear
Brake accessories Odyssey pads
Seat Other mankind pivotal
Seatpost Hoffman Bikes
Seatpost clamp WeThePeople
Rims Other araya lite front araya himiko back
Driver/freewheel Odyssey 10t
Front hub Odyssey 36 hole 10mm
Rear hub Odyssey 48 hole 14mm
Chain tensioner Primo
Tires KHE mac 2 dirt and primo wall snafu are on it atm.

I also have a quite rare frame in my shed; Its a kink freebird ryan sher model. not sure if thats worth anything now; appreciate if anyone could give some more info on the value of this frame.
and a fuck load of other parts I'm just going to give to whoever buys the bike. brand new pair of salt cranks two sprockets 30t and 25t fly handlebars new hoffman grips, some innertubes. some sets of pedals different bottom brackets. ect ect

What would you sell it for just going to put on ebay for buy it now. cheers brahs



Biggest troll.

9/4/2014 5:19 AM

I miss my debut. Loved that thing. I'd say its worth like 350. Bike resell value is fucked these days. Could get more if you parted


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9/4/2014 8:35 AM

Kink freebird damn that was a sick frame back when kink wasn't so generic


9/4/2014 1:41 PM

Damn you have alot more luck than 99% of riders since you got it back. Most bikes are never to be seen again, I know that's what happened to my old one sad


9/4/2014 2:56 PM

Part it out, awesome rims, rear hub etc. Will fetch a pretty person if the right buyer comes along.


9/5/2014 7:19 AM

Cheers lads, I know parting it out will get allot more. i always knew it would be worth nowhere near what i put into it. but considering i leave a week today, i just don't see it happening. I'm going to put up for £350. and accept offers.
I was really lucky to get it back i knew the guy who stole it and his address, told the police took them 3 months too do anything, the day they came me and my friend were going to go steal it back. was quite ironic.

I don't want to put the frame on ebay because i know it will sell for nowhere near its worth.


Biggest troll.

9/5/2014 9:29 AM

glub wrote:

Cheers lads, I know parting it out will get allot more. i always knew it would be worth nowhere near what i put into it. but ...more

Put a reserve on it? That's a minimum you would sell it for.


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