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11/9/2013 8:27 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/9/2013 8:35 PM

It's one thing to get penalized on the spot for destroying some perfectly good ledges or marking some walls. But how do all the street BMX videos and edits get away with it? Can't all that film be used as legit evidence of crimes of vandalism? So how are riders not getting fucked left and right? The fact that riders can film themselves apparently vandalizing shit and not get fucked, vs getting fucked right on the spot is sort of awesome. Whats even more awesome is the companies making money off their dvd's. fat LOL

I get that it's different being caught in the act and charged, but it amazes me that the public hasn't really tried harder to 'crack down' on riders after all these years of fucking shit up. Because you know if they wanted to, I suppose they have all the evidence they need to do so. (that goes for all extreme sports)

Maybe we barely have an impact compared to many other forms of vandalism. It's just cool that we're mostly getting away with it anyway.


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11/9/2013 9:23 PM

I wondered this too but never really thought about in detail, that raises some good questions haha.

I remember when I first started in Fall 2006, I was basically stalking the really good riders in my town on MySpace and watched all their pics & vids, and they had this really neat little set up that was a skid on a manual pad leaned against the wall behind it, and one of the riders did a manual to "wallride" on the skid, 180 out, then 360 off the curb.. Don't know why I remember that in detail haha, but anyway, apparently cops in my town saw the video on their website (yeah, they had a website, they were that legit lolol) and cops checked that shit all the time, so they clicked on the video, found out who it was and mailed him a fine. Pretty shitty. If cops checked certain social media, they'd probably hand out fines left & right here.