Verde Theory 2015 vs WTP Arcade 2016

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10/30/2016 8:23 PM

Hi guys
Im just asking you guys which bmx I should get out of these two bikes
Ive seen the specs of both bikes and the verde theory was definately better but
Ive heard lot of negative things about verde that it breaks easily and on the other hand I heard wtp is the way to go so
Im re thinking about what bike I should choose so please help me


10/30/2016 9:24 PM

The Verde is by far the better bike.

It has a bit more chromoly in the frame than the WTP, and unlike the WTP, it has chromoly bars and a full chromoly fork.

The biggest thing though is the Verde has a sealed front hub (female, too) and a double wall rim in the rear. Both of which would be better in the long run as opposed to the WTP's unsealed male front hub and single wall rear rim.

How much are you getting it for?


10/30/2016 9:30 PM

Thanks man.
Some how in my local bmx shop the price for both bikes are similiar just because the verde is a 2015 version. They are about 480 us dollars.


10/30/2016 10:50 PM

sungzuya wrote:

Thanks man.
Some how in my local bmx shop the price for both bikes are similiar just because the verde is a 2015 version. They ...more

oh fuck that then, quick Google search tells me they were $499.99 when they were 2, and with it being a 2 year old model, I'd pass for sure. Definitely pass on the Arcade too, it's not worth that much at all.

For that price you could get one of these

$20 more (probably less if you can find codes) and much better bikes overall.


10/30/2016 11:44 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/31/2016 5:09 AM

Ahh your right. And I forgot to tell you that the bike comes with alot different things, helmet etc.
But unfortunately Im in a situation that Its hard to get the bike you suggested.
Firstly Im currently in Korea, and ordering something online from another country (costing heaps of ibternational delivery money) and having to build a bmx without any tool or knowledge when I can go for a 20 min walk and I can buy my bike is a little hard. Plus 480 us dollars is already way too much over my price range. Ill still put those bikes you suggested on my list doe. Anyways, guys please keep commenting your opinions on this topic


10/31/2016 6:05 AM

Is there a better online order option over there? Aren't there some online places out of Australia that would be like DansComp? Or even China or Japan? Don't know if this would make the shipping any better....

as mentioned if you are bounded by location, get as much Chromo as you can in the bike off of the sales floor. Same with the sealed bearings and double walled rims.

Are there other bike stores in neighboring towns or cities that might have better options? Might be worth the ride to make a trip to see


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10/31/2016 12:41 PM

There are couple websites like danscomp here but the fact that international delivery fee costs money, they are lot more expensive than getting a bike in the us. Thanks for your suggestion though. Anyways, please commenting your opinion on this topics.