Video Bike Checks !

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8/8/2013 2:00 AM

Heres mine, comment urs smile


8/8/2013 6:50 AM

Very professionally edited! I have a couple of suggestions for Bike Check V3. I just want to set out that i do not mean this disrespectfully!

1. You made a couple of mistakes on the parts you are running & had to correct yourself. Swat up on what you are running know every single part & everything about them. Like the Forks, They are R-25s, They have 25mm Offset, 3/8ths Drop Outs, 165mm Steerer Tube etc...

2. You need to practice being in front of a camera a bit more. Gain some confidence! A lot of umming & aaahing went down in that Bike Check.

Nicely done otherwise! Stay Cool Buddy.


8/8/2013 7:10 AM

You should know what your parts are. You had to look at them to see what they were. You should only glance at most to see where you left off. And I hate video bike checks that don't include riding. They get very boring. You seem camera shy as well. Build up that confidence. And nix the music when you're talking


I'm on the vital legit list!

8/15/2013 3:16 AM

Know what your parts r