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9/20/2018 7:19 AM

What software do you use and why?
I would like to try it out and I have limited knowledge of it


9/20/2018 7:24 AM

Check out Lightworks: [link]

It's a very nice piece of software and it has a free version. It will probably take some getting used to though.


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9/20/2018 7:49 AM

I don't have a laptop, so anything do is on my iPhone, so it's no high quality editing. But I use Splice and Quik, both pretty easy to use and get the job done.


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9/20/2018 8:20 AM

I use Windows movie maker. It's so easy to use, but is quite limited. It's a lot less daunting than any others I've played with. Or viva video on my phone.


9/20/2018 11:14 AM

Check out Hitfilm Express, it's a very capable software, both for compositing and editing. Also easy to use, you can set it up the way you want, and there are tons of tutorials on youtube. It's free and is both offered on Mac and Windows.

Apart from that I use iMovie, have been used to it since a long time.


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9/20/2018 12:39 PM

I recommend checking out Adobe Premier Elements and Wondershare Filmora.

The majority of content creators on Windows use Premier.

Final Cut Pro for Mac.


9/20/2018 12:40 PM

I use Powerdirecter for Android.. lol


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9/20/2018 12:59 PM

I'll have to check out some of the ones your guys suggested..I appreciate all the feedback


9/20/2018 1:06 PM

I movie for phone , haven’t used my cameras in a while


9/20/2018 2:33 PM

I use vegas pro, super easy to use and really complete, I never felt limited with it.
Get a trial version you have it for a full month to try it out, then crack it if you like it.
I tried premiere but it was just non intuitive and I kept using vegas.


9/20/2018 3:28 PM

jbales wrote:

I recommend checking out Adobe Premier Elements and Wondershare Filmora.

The majority of content creators on Windows use ...more

I use filmora, it’s very easy. Does what i need, and not much else.


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9/20/2018 6:24 PM

There are a few decent ones that are free but that depends on what OS you're on.

right now I use iMovie since it came on the MacBook, and sometimes iMovie on the phone. Both do what I need but on the computer does more.

if you're just looking to throw some clips together and not do anything fancy, one of those will do just fine. Even Splice on the App Store (not sure if there's an Android equivalent?) will work and is free, last I knew anyway.

If you're looking to get real fancy, I've used Final Cut (for Macs) back in high school on their computers and it was really nice.