Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Street

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10/9/2014 8:13 PM

any vids ready for posting yet?



Vital- KyMike, FEDEXdoobie, adrenalinebmx ,MaximusBikes
Bmx-forum-Tumitama, archerbiker9(2x), mrsanchezz, nguyenna, JoeyBones, fast-and-loose and many others
Also multiple sales on and PinkBike. Theres to many to list all. Most sales are done through texting I havent been able to keep track of who is who.

10/9/2014 8:21 PM

*no videos onvital homepage*
Lol probably not goober


13 years old

10/10/2014 8:41 AM

Vital game of bike street video is officially cancelled


10/10/2014 12:43 PM

Lets play haha


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