Volume's "The Finer Things"

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3/4/2015 11:34 AM

Anyone see it yet?

I went to the premiere. Mike Mastroni's part was my favorite, but everyone had really good clips. Damn good watch. I highly recommend it.


3/4/2015 12:18 PM

I had a bunch of friends over to watch it last weekend. We all were getting super stoked like every other clip. Tate roskelly, mike mastroni, and alex platt's parts were my favorite. I loved mikes double tire polejam thing and raifords uprail 540 was insane.


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3/4/2015 1:34 PM

watched it last night and just now. Mike Mastroni definitely my favorite too.


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3/4/2015 3:45 PM

Mastroni and roskelly thumbs up


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3/5/2015 12:44 PM

Currently no shops around me have premier it, I'd buy it but am currently broke. :/


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