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bandofbros72 bandofbros72
10/14/2009 4:40 PM

so in my town there building a new skatepark
a 18000 sq. foot skatepark but my freinds show up to donate money from the fundraiser they did and the first thing they say is "no bikes allowed in the skatepark"

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Twisted654 Twisted654
10/14/2009 4:43 PM

that sucks, talk to the city or the owners about how much good letting bikes in can do.

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bandofbros72 bandofbros72
10/14/2009 4:47 PM
Twisted654 wrote:

that sucks, talk to the ...more

ill try my mom works for the city and her freind is helping design it.
so ill make her give her freind shit about not letting bikes in

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huss huss
10/14/2009 4:49 PM

the good old " if you let bikes in to the skatepark there will be less kids on bikes on the street running into people and causing accidents and less people will get hurt" should do the trick aswell as your mum talking to her friend

"go high, touch the sky"

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sundaysonfridays sundaysonfridays
10/14/2009 5:20 PM

ehh tell em to build 2 sections. 18000sq feet is a lot of space so maybe a board/inline section then a bmx section?


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Ressler711 Ressler711
10/14/2009 5:23 PM

tell them you're going to smoke as many drugs as you can find and rape every child while on said drugs.

Bikes. Cameras. Cars. Beer. NYx845

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