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4/21/2008 7:29 AM

i have always wondered how to do them


Bikes Make Me Jizz

4/21/2008 7:39 AM

just go kinda quick when you get close to the wall hop off the bank and drop your shoulder a little bit so u stick to the wall then just do a normal little hop off.


4/21/2008 7:53 AM

what is this dropping your shoulder shit i hear it on every trick and i dont think i even move my shoulders when i do shit like that only time i move my shoulders is to spin what do people mean by droppign there shoulder?


4/21/2008 4:22 PM

i can get into them with both feet on the pedals but i cant hop out, well when i do i either put a feet down or i tumble down the bank. Should i go faster, hop higher, or simply get out of them quicker??????????
help please


4/21/2008 5:20 PM

just pull off


pedal harder hop higher and try new stuff this is bmx