Weird problem

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6/9/2012 1:59 PM

I have an Amber Vaco, and anytime i pedal up a hill, my rear wheel likes to shift up and to the left. That makes the tire touch
my frame, and it just grinds there until i loosen and tighten the bolts. The bike is only 2 weeks old. Anyone know the problem?


6/9/2012 2:51 PM

bump? sorry i need help, don't want my local bike shop to rip me off.


6/9/2012 3:05 PM

just crank it down real hard with a socket retch, i had the same problem until i used a socket


6/9/2012 6:55 PM

use a socket wrench, and make sure it doesn't shift as you tighten it, chucking a washer inbetween the dropout and the nut will help with that. if not, you can try sanding the paint on the dropout, or consider buying a pair of chain tensioners