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Psycho_Jon831 Psycho_Jon831
11/4/2016 10:28 AM

What's a different website to buy bmx stuff except danscomp?

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bmxerday bmxerday
11/4/2016 10:39 AM

Albes or empire

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
11/4/2016 2:10 PM

If I was in the US I'd want to support empire. But dans seems cheaper for most bits

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readybmxer readybmxer
11/4/2016 2:30 PM

Believe it or not, I've survived off Ebay and Amazon from the beginning of riding nearly four years ago. I go to DANS and wherever else, look at the part I want, them go to Amazon or Ebay and find them. Takes a while to find the right one, but it's far cheaper to not pay the shipping of the other websites. As I'm in Hawai'i, it'd cost a fortune.

Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

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Psycho_Jon831 Psycho_Jon831
11/4/2016 6:42 PM
readybmxer wrote:

Believe it or not, I've ...more

Ye but I'm afraid of getting fake shit

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adamnmexican adamnmexican
11/4/2016 8:20 PM

Alternatively, you can keep it real and support your local bike shop

It’s all bmx

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eskimojay eskimojay
11/4/2016 9:00 PM
readybmxer wrote:

Believe it or not, I've ...more

Psycho_Jon831 wrote:

Ye but I'm afraid of ...more

Send your money to me , I'll insure that you get no fake stuff

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
11/4/2016 11:18 PM

Whatever is cheaper / good service ratio .

I'd rather pay 5$ more on an item and get fast emails , shipping notifications , etc . But if the thing is going to be 20-30$ more for something when I can get it for cheaper , I'd go with the cheaper option . Here in Canada I've only mainly ever order from 3ride , they're amazing and I love what they do for BMX . Transition is dope as fuck too , helping me out with a tiny discount on my last order and being good with shipping even WHEN there was a potential strike / major clusterfuck going on here .

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Four Four
11/5/2016 9:49 AM

Danscomp all the way.

45 refs and counting check profile.

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DanTheBikerMan DanTheBikerMan
11/5/2016 1:36 PM

I just made an order from and they seem like a reliable website. I ordered yesterday and it will be here monday! Shipping was $8 for a $37 order, so not too bad.

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JamieBrown JamieBrown
11/5/2016 3:11 PM

Chain Reaction cycles have great deals, even for a Canadian. pivot seat post for $4 seriously.

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