What are the best cranks you have ever rode

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3/22/2017 1:23 AM

I know there is already a lot of post about this but theres new cranks coming out all the time so what is the best pair of cranks you have ever rode?


3/22/2017 1:53 AM



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3/22/2017 3:22 AM

What makes some cranks better than others?


3/22/2017 3:44 AM

I like profiles, they just feel nice, maybe it's the flex? Dunno. I've also had twombolts, which I liked. Thunderbolts would probably be my first choice if I bought new, just to switch things up from profile. I'm quite interested in the animal akimbo cranks too


3/22/2017 4:11 AM

Profile Race, although like Grumpy I would probably get the new Odysseys when I'm due an upgrade.


3/22/2017 5:56 AM

profile is the best

i'm riding odyssey twombolts and I dig em


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3/22/2017 6:12 AM

Primo Powerbites.


3/22/2017 7:22 AM

Odyssey thunderbolts. The wedge interface has a superior design (Brayden don't kill me)

But Animal Akimbos or profiles are never a bad choice either


3/22/2017 7:49 AM

i like my profile race, they are my first legit pair of cranks (i was riding stock 8 spline cranks for years) and they feel a lot nicer, lighter and look cleaner


3/22/2017 8:44 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/22/2017 8:44 AM

Profile race cranks with a ti spindle lasted me 13 years didn't even break them just retired them


3/22/2017 3:19 PM

Hands down Thunderbolts. Only cranks I've ever ridden that still feel brand new after years of riding them


3/22/2017 3:42 PM

Profile columns in 160mm


45 refs and counting check profile.

3/22/2017 3:49 PM

Thunderbolts in 170mm


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3/23/2017 8:23 AM

Thunderbolts with a Ti bolt were amazing now I am on a set of race profiles 160mm length with Ti bolts and Ti GDH spindle. Profiles have been solid but they did come loose once...


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3/23/2017 11:09 AM

Honestly, DK Socials. I also ran Profiles and loved them.


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3/23/2017 11:49 AM

My Primo Powerbites are still as strong and straight, as when I got them 12-ish years ago. I've had to remove many set's of pedals with a 5ft cheater bar and the pedal bosses refuse to strip, or be altered.

I'd have a really hard time choosing cranks these day's... Way too many good choices.