What do you use to clean your bike?

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4/29/2016 12:59 AM

I used to use simple green, but i was recently told by an aircraft mechanic that it's caustic to aluminum. I dont think there is anything aluminum on my bike but dont want to take the chance.


4/29/2016 1:04 AM

Hubs, stem, sprocket, pedals, seat clamp, seat post,bb cone spacers, stem spacers


4/29/2016 1:42 AM



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4/29/2016 2:22 AM

I use old socks turned inside out and a little water.


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4/29/2016 4:30 AM

I spray my whole bike with muc off then wipe it down with an old t shirt. But it never really gets dirty enough to do a proper job of it


4/29/2016 6:25 AM

I use Dawn dish soap on my MTB sometimes...though growing up in the 80's we never washed our bikes...a clean bike meant you didn't ride hard enough...so I rarely clean my bikes. Usually just monitor the BB's and hubs on the BMX, and the derailleur on the MTB...rain also cleans the MTB off


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4/29/2016 8:11 AM



4/29/2016 10:18 AM

piss on it


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4/29/2016 10:36 AM

^ haha wow

just light soap and water, a bit of greaser on the dirty bits


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4/29/2016 11:18 AM

Windex typically, or some other household cleaner.


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4/29/2016 11:37 PM

washing up liquid and a sponge.


4/29/2016 11:46 PM

denatured alcohol


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5/1/2016 5:22 AM

grumpySteve wrote:

I spray my whole bike with muc off then wipe it down with an old t shirt. But it never really gets dirty enough to do a proper ...more


Muc Off gives the best results.


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5/1/2016 2:08 PM

Straight from Simple Green's website

"Aluminum — Is it safe to use Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner on aluminum?

When used with caution and according to the instructions, Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner has been safely and successfully used to clean aluminum. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser, and Simple Green Pressure Washer Concentrates have been used on aircraft, automotive, industrial and consumer aluminum items for over 20 years. However, caution and common sense must be used: aluminum is a soft metal that easily corrodes with unprotected exposure to water. The aqueous-base and alkalinity of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner can accelerate the corrosion process. Therefore, contact times for unprotected or unpainted aluminum surfaces should be kept as brief as the job will allow - never for more than 10 minutes. Large cleaning jobs should be conducted in smaller-area stages to achieve lower contact time. Rinsing after cleaning should always be extremely thorough - paying special attention to flush out cracks and crevices to remove all Simple Green product residues. Unfinished, uncoated or unpainted aluminum cleaned with Simple Green products should receive some sort of protectant after cleaning to prevent oxidation.

Simple Green has also developed break-through water based cleaners that are safe for use on metals, plastics, rubber and high tech alloys. Extreme Simple Green Aircraft & Precision Cleaner, Pro Series Simple Green Automotive Cleaner, and Simple Green Pro HD are available on both the industrial and retail markets, respectively. These products were initially developed for the aircraft industry and extensive testing shows that they are safe and effective on a variety of metals and other sensitive surfaces even in the most extreme circumstances.

Simple Green Stainless Steel One Step Cleaner & Polish is another option for cleaning polished aluminum. This product is designed for light duty metal cleaning and polishing."

So, you'll be fine using that on the aluminum parts as long as you don't let it soak for too long, and be sure to wipe it all off.

Personally I use Sun Lite Pro Polish. Comes in an orange spray can and is meant for cleaning bikes so it's safe. Also leaves a nice shine.


5/1/2016 4:37 PM

Damp paper towel


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