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lil.pav lil.pav
6/24/2018 11:20 AM

I'm thinking about buying a new frame but not sure what size. I'm currently 6 foot and I'm only 14, which means that I still have about 2 or 3 inches to grow. At the moment I ride a 21 inch. What size should I buy?

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
6/24/2018 11:34 AM

Depends what you want to do on it, and how quickly you're growing. A 21" would be about right now, but if you shoot up in a few months might feel a bit small. If you grow to 6'4 I'd say a 21.5 should be good for most things.
I used to work with a guy who was 6'4 and he rode a 21". He said he liked it, but I reckon he'd be more confident at really throwing it around if it was a bit more stable. Maybe get something with a fairly long back end? Then you won't be looping out every time you lean back

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Collin_McClenahan Collin_McClenahan
6/24/2018 8:10 PM

Big frames feel good. If you can find a macniel duece i'd ride that. I ride a 22.5" FBM

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NateBrown62 NateBrown62
6/27/2018 8:06 PM

I ride 21.4 and I think great..I could go just a little bigger maybe with a shorter rear end

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Gack2000 Gack2000
6/27/2018 9:32 PM
lil.pav wrote:

I'm thinking about buying ...more

21” is the goto for around 5’ 11” and up. I’m 6’ and run a 20.75 with a front load stem. Making the frame feel like 21”. But, I learned that over the years. If you are asking you better go 21 OR go to the local shop and sit on a few bikes and see what you feel best on. Then measure it and get one in that size. But, trust me because you grow fully your going to be getting another frame unless it’s something with a lifetime warranty (Sunday, Standard). Then if you screw anything up they replace it

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Gack2000 Gack2000
6/27/2018 9:33 PM
Collin_McClenahan wrote:

Big frames feel good. If ...more

Not made anymore he would have to risk eBay or Craigslist to find one and new...might not happen

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
6/27/2018 11:45 PM

Went from 21 to 20.75 and felt a good difference

Went back from 20.75 to 21 and felt no difference

Was on a 20.8 a few years back and that was my favourite

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HavokDJ HavokDJ
6/28/2018 2:36 PM

21” is your best bet. No lower than 19”, I’m 6’ and I rode a 19.2” frame for years, but I also mainly do flatland.

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