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9/28/2016 7:56 PM

I just want to buy a bike. I haven't riden in like 16 years my last bike was a Haro backtrail x3. I come back nothing has brakes or freecoasters.
My question is does top tube length matter when I go to buy a bike ? I want the WTP Curse because it has a gyro. But it has a short top tube for me because I'm 5' 10". So should I buy the WTP Justice that has a 21 inch top tube? I was also looking at the Kink Whip. What do I do ? Should I just stay in retirement so I don't shit my pants after my first bunny hop ?


9/28/2016 9:10 PM

Question is how can you afford a bike when your name is welfarebum


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9/29/2016 5:56 AM

I most definitely wouldn't stay in retirement, that's no way to live! I'm 6'0 and I'm looking for a 21 inch top tube, so a 20.75 or a 20.8 would almost be perfect for you. It pretty much all depends on how much you are trying to spend


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9/29/2016 1:22 PM

20.75 - 21 will be fine. I'm 6'2 and ride a 20.75 with a longer reach stem. there's so many factors you have to look at everything really lol.

Kink whip sounds alright, kink has always been big in the completes. Fly proton, Subrosa Malum, or a 3rd tier Fit would all probably be fine. Sealed wheels, full chromoly frame. That's what I'd keep an eye out for but I assume you already have an idea. At a certain point it's all preference


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9/29/2016 1:56 PM

Dude! I'm in exactly the same position. About 16 years out of the scene and WTF has happened! It's very different.

Yes, top tube length is important. Too long and you'll struggle to get the right height and balance on things, too short and you'll likely overbalance on things. As the guys above said, 20.5-21 will be ok.

As for picking a bike because it has a gyro, you might find it better value for money to get a bike that doesn't have a gyro, buy a gyro separately and fit it yourself. That's what I've done.


9/29/2016 4:36 PM

Stevearcade wrote:

Dude! I'm in exactly the same position. About 16 years out of the scene and WTF has happened! It's very different.

Yes, top ...more

It's crazy man I can't even imagine riding without brakes. I was recently on a Walmart bike and figured out I can still rip so I'm trying to get a bike.


9/29/2016 6:15 PM

dude. I took 20+ years off and getting back into it was the BEST thing for me. I last rode for "real" back in 89-90 so imagine the shock I went through!!!

After tons of time researching the new bike world, I have learned these important things:

Things to look for in a BMX bike:
All of the skeletal structure that is going to bare weight should be full chromoly:
full frame -> front triangle(TT, DT, ST) AND seat stay and chainstay
fork: both the steering tube and the legs
the handle bars
the crank arms and pedal axels

Wheels should be double walled for sure
Sealed bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket

For me, these are the MOST important things to look for to give you the best return on your investment. Every thing after this is “eye candy” to me at least. All of the other parts on the bike can be replaced as they wear.

After structure, geometry is the next most important thing. You want to get a bike tha twill fit you and your riding style.

I spent 2 years researching and finally narrowed it down this summer to:

1. the Verde Luxe
2. WTP Trust
3. Hoffman 'Bama

I chose the Verde in the end b/c of the "eye candy" parts it comes with. It has the geometry that I want (my big thing is a 74º HT angle) and I can find them in my price range

I am also in the minority (it seems) that will use brakes. My current bike (1988 Mongoose Californian Pro) has front and back brakes, so I will definitely run brakes.

Get out there and find it again!!! Being a Vintage Rider is awesome!


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9/30/2016 1:59 AM

Remember, all a frame needs for a gyro are brake mounts and gyro tab mounts. Other than that, there's soid advice here.


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