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Stocksy Stocksy
7/28/2013 8:36 PM

So I'm sure this question has floated around the forums at least once, but if it hasn't, I wanna ask: What inspires you guys? And when I say that I mean what gives you guys 'motivation' to do something you're scared of or just don't want to do? For me, I watch Bone Deth and they inspire me to go big. My friends inspire me a lot, MaximusBikes will say "If you do this you can say you did it before 'so and so' did it!" And then many of my other friends just call me a pussy until I do it. A lot of times I'll say if you do it I'll do it, or vice-versa. What inspires you to leave your comfort zone?

"If you can't beat me on a bike, beat me off." -Will Stock

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tomdon tomdon
7/28/2013 8:42 PM

Abnormality inspires me. Erik elstran and Charlie crumlish and Derek Nelson and another guy I forgot his name. Those who think outside the box and step out of the realm of what's hip and cool. They go past the comfort zone which is what you're doing when you learn

I'm on the vital legit list!

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future FBM future FBM
7/28/2013 8:59 PM

Tate roskelley an mike tag

I seek progression, not perfection.

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
7/28/2013 9:03 PM

Yes. haha I am inspired mostly to just have an outlet on my energy and mental state. Without BMX i wouldve killed someone by now haha. And i love the way it feels and always have! also there is the fact i just enjoy a little showing off and being good at something like this feels really good. It is awesome.

This is how we get kids to stop being a pussy about a trick lol it is 95% affective


Me: Dude that is harsh. Just because they are being a pussy doesnt mean you should rape them. HEY IF YOU DO IT CHUBS WILL GET TICKED BECAUSE HE DIDNT DO IT YET!!!


Me: Seriously dude that is gay as it gets, quit!

Austin: DO IT PUSSY!!

Me: Dude you are pissing him off now, quit! Jesus.


Me: Just do it so he stops and you can beat Chubs! hahaha

Kid goes flying thru the air and either smashes his nuts or sticks the landing! haha good times!

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Stocksy Stocksy
7/28/2013 9:25 PM
MaximusBikes wrote:

Yes. haha I am inspired ...more

This is so accurate... This happens 90% of the time when we have the whole Bethany crew around. Lmao

"If you can't beat me on a bike, beat me off." -Will Stock

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FuckYoCult FuckYoCult
7/28/2013 9:32 PM

The bitches. I ride bikes. Bitches like bikes.

Put in work.
Put in work.
Put in work.
Flacko put 'em in the dirt.

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jamiespadina jamiespadina
7/28/2013 9:37 PM

Josh Stricker, nate moroshan and joe pantlin are my biggest inspirations

Oh and another one is Brandon who rides in the koala team on youtube

The first breath is the beginning of death

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FuckYoCult FuckYoCult
7/28/2013 9:53 PM

But on a serious note, when I saw Brett Banasiewicz riding, and not giving two fucks, it made me feel like I was being a little bitchfor any excuse I had ever used to not ride. This guy; he can barely walk, barely talk, but can still put in work on his bike. I remember hearing him utter "Holy Shit" after I busted my ass on a 270 transfer.

Put in work.
Put in work.
Put in work.
Flacko put 'em in the dirt.

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Four Four
7/28/2013 10:20 PM

Nothing. I don't go big anymore or try to. I'm not gonna be pro and I'm one of the least competitive riders out there probably so there's no reason to do something ridiculous. Sure I do tricks, but it's all within my limits. I do more tech tricks I guess, I dunno what you'd call it but my riding doesn't include handrails or big sets ha.

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SickDude SickDude
7/28/2013 10:58 PM

I get really horny then go ride.

Im kidding. But i usually start lifting until my COME AT ME BRO hormones kick in. Then i go ride an learn something new.

I ride for my papou.
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Soulrebelrastaman Soulrebelrastaman
7/28/2013 11:08 PM

Bmx (freestyle) in general inspires me, everything about it.

Its become a lifestyle for me, its more than just trickin' a bike. It's driving round looking for street setups, its constantly challenging myself to be better than I was the last time I was out on my bike, first and foremost tho its about having fun and doing something positive with my time.

Bmx is art in motion & true self expression , it has entangled itself in every aspect of my existence, from the clothes I wear to how I choose to spend my time, in any one day its usually the first and last thing on my mind, its a healthy addiction and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Bmx allows me (creativity / adventure / freedom) and I value those things more than anything in this world.

Fucking love it...!!!

Freestyle is the answer to everything --
a fresh way to approach a dull or a
dangerous thing.
to do a dull thing with style
is preferable to doing a dangerous thing
without it.

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
7/28/2013 11:11 PM
Soulrebelrastaman wrote:

Bmx (freestyle) in general ...more

That explains a lot about how i am with BMX it really is my life. I dont want to be the person posting "bmx is my life" after everything ever, but it really is. It is a huge aspect of who i am and what i do. I put so much into BMX. I would never look back either, i know i made the right choice. This is the best choice i have ever made and i always want to ride.

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Topsey Topsey
7/29/2013 11:20 AM

I know when people say "BMX is my Life" I know sometimes it might sound a little gay or weird to outsiders (LoL) But it really is! I LOVE riding i have ridden for 13 years & i don't care what injuries i have as soon as i am over them i will be back on my bike. I love just going for a cruise around town, it doesn't matter if i don't do a single thing! Just being on my bike makes me feel a shit load better about everything, its a chance to blow off some steam & if i got out with my mates its a chance to chill with friends too. However there are a few riders i watch & think FUCK YEAH! I WANT TO DO THAT!!.....

Bengo - His Nose Manual prowess is second to none, he is fucking bad ass on his Front Wheel, G-Turns, super long Nose Manuals & He's pretty bad ass when it comes to Grinding too!

Ben Lewis - One of my favourite riders for a few years now, its been awesome seeing his style progress. He's pretty awesome on his Front Wheel too but his Grinding ability is second to none! When you think of a Tech Rider, 99% of people will think of Benny L!

Edwin Delarosa - Just Super, Super Smooth. I know he doesn't go huge or super Tech. But GOD DAMN is he smooth!

Mike Hoder - Fucking Hell Hoder is a BEAST. He is just balls out Gaps, Drops, Stair Sets, etc.

David Grant - One of my Favourite Riders going atm. I've seen him come of age i guess. When he was on TCUB & posting edits of him SHREDDING BIG Rails! MASSIVE Drops & Then he disappeared for a bit, lots of sponsor changes etc. Since he got hooked up by BSD i cannot begin to explain how awesome he has become. I think he really fits in not just with the Team but the BSD way of life.I have talked to DBG a couple of times on Facebook & I am hoping to meet him next time he's in the UK, Oddly to talk about diet more than riding, but hopefully my shoulder will be fixed & i'll be able to have a cruise around with him & whoever else is out riding!

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eskimojay eskimojay
7/29/2013 11:23 AM

Stephen murray

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bmxsteve99 bmxsteve99
7/29/2013 11:32 AM

usually a bmx video, like talk is cheap, ruin your whole summer, or anthem 2, especially sean burns part
if you havent seen it, please watch it, it is sick as fuck

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