What is the best way to RAW you frame???

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5/24/2009 3:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 7:53 PM

I know you need to

Use paint stripper (aircraft) to remove the paint

Then sand it very little to get all of the paint off

And then clearcoat it as many times as pssible (like5 or 6)

And i know aircraft thing burns your skin but i have really good gloves

Anyone has any advice

Cause im not sure about the result and if its the best way to do it....( besides by a pro)

I would be doing this myself....



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5/24/2009 4:04 PM

hang ur frame up with something going through ur headtube and stand about 5 feet away and evenly put coats of paint stripper on ur frame, or lightly sand it first, thats what i did when i painted my frame. i would say the best steps would be.

this is what i would do:
1. clean bike with soap and water and make sure its completely dry
2. hang ur frame up in a spot where it can be left to dry
3. lightly sand frame to "barely scratch the surface"
4. stand about 5 feet away from ur frame and evenly spray ur frame with paint stripper and give it time to strip ur paint
5. wipe ur frame down with a towel to take the paint off
6. sand the remainder of the paint off
7. clear coat with several coats of clear coat and give it a while to dry

hope that helped and good luck


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5/24/2009 4:09 PM

My freind wants to raw his too but he has a hi-tensil steel frame
Does that work as good as full chromoly?


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5/24/2009 5:16 PM

besides the fact that high tensile steel frames suck the paint stripper will work the same way on it


5/24/2009 6:11 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/24/2009 6:12 PM

Ino it sucks!
Do you know if the result will be the same though?


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5/31/2009 1:45 PM

will it? im rawing my frame to but its high ten


5/31/2009 2:17 PM

use Klean Strip 2 stripper and a wire brush. then use Rustoleum clear coat. i did that and it was soooooooooooooooo easy


5/31/2009 2:59 PM

take ur bike aprt so its just the frame and throw it till theres no more paint


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5/31/2009 3:09 PM

Pee on it.


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