What is the difference between Vans Old Skool and Vans Ward

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2/17/2018 8:38 PM

I went online to buy a pair of black old skool pros and noticed they had some stitching that was absent on my current vans. I thought I had a pair of old skools, but after some research, it seems I have a pair of Van's ward.

I just want to know how different the shoes are in their style. For example, how far up the ankle do the old skools go? Is it the same as Van's wards?


2/18/2018 10:33 AM

I believe the Ward is a cheaper, price-point shoe made for bigger stores, while the Old Skool is of higher quality and made for skate shops and such...

I doubt they'll be any higher than your current shoe (if you buy the low-top model), but they should last longer.