What is wrong with me?? U-brakes

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8/15/2017 9:47 PM

Bought a Hoffman Bama, and I installed a gyro kit tonight. The gyro and cables went on as quick as can be, but the brake on the bike is driving me nuts! Specifically, the spring tension and how the brake actually operates.

It's a U-brake, and has a nut with a spring attached to it. The spring also attaches to the brake caliper, so as you tighten the nut, the spring has more of a load. Simple. In the middle of the nut and the spring is an allen bolt. I figured if I hold the nut with a wrench so the spring has a certain amount of tension, and tighten the allen bolt, it would stay put with that amount of tension. It does not!!

What the crap am I doing wrong? I've built car engines and am pretty handy around the house, so figured this would be simple. I just can't figure it out... please help.


8/15/2017 10:02 PM

How far are you turning the nut with the wrench? Might need to turn it a bit more. And are you sure you're going the right way? And are you sure you're using the correct springs for the correct arm? The springs wrap around a certain way and if you have them on wrong, they won't work properly.

Follow this guide and try again



8/16/2017 5:16 AM

You need to snug the allen bolt up. Not tight but snug. Adjust the spring tension nut and then tighten the allen bolt fully.

That Dan's comp guide is immensely helpful. The left and right springs do not get tightened the same way.

Let us know.