What is your favorite unique quirk?

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4/25/2013 2:08 AM

My unique quirk that i love is Tires that thump when you hit the coping, the louder the thump the better i feel when i ride!
Another quirk is when i ride i barely use my brakes only for tricks, but when i air out i quickly tap my brakes so it give a little chirp after my tires thump the coping....

What favourite quirks do you guys have? Some weird unique stuff about your riding, style or bike that you love to have? Maybe stickers or like Brett Maddog with his 175mm and 165mm crank arms?

Id Love you hear your quirks guys! smile


4/25/2013 2:19 AM

I like the squeak my tires make when i land a 180 and the sound of a sliding tire when i roll out off a fakie.

I love dice valve caps, my bmx and mtb has em. :D


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4/25/2013 2:26 AM

one try kid wrote:

I like the squeak my tires make when i land a 180 and the sound of a sliding tire when i roll out off a fakie.

I love dice ...more

oh i know what you mean! haha

Yeah i used to have a thing with bullet valve caps lol
i love that scraping sound of coming out of a fakie too, makes me feel street, especially when im a park rat haha


4/25/2013 2:37 AM

the fact that when i air in a half i do a full bunny hop and don't hit the coping still air higher than some people and i only start making the turn back in once I'm coming back down and my other is the screech when you do long fast grinds on concrete.

Ps that squeak when you do 180's is the best ever smile


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4/25/2013 3:20 AM

i scream YOLO before every trick i do... so dam awesome. the other guys at the park usually stop riding when im riding and all chant. COBRA COBRA COBRA COBRA, it my nickname. gets me pumped to fuck


4/25/2013 3:25 AM

i have on of those resealing sticker things from a bag of cream egg splats on my top tube...


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4/25/2013 4:05 AM

Squeeky tires


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