What made you start bmx.

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4/23/2015 9:59 AM

So I want to know what got you started to ride bmx videos friends etc or you just pick up a bike you like it ever since then you can't stop. I got started from a friend because he give his old Hoffman bmx it was a really good bike until it got stolen angry. I was like wow i really like riding a bmx. So share your stories on how you got started. Now I have Sunday compete. cool tongue


4/23/2015 10:05 AM

I skated and moved to a farm with no concrete. Started riding my bmx more. Then it became 16 years later.


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4/23/2015 10:40 AM

My brothers rode so I rode.


4/24/2015 5:57 AM
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I've always riden my bike since i learnt to ride without training wheels when i was 4. Got my first big bike at 7, a MongoosePro Menace. Would ride to school and around with friends after school. Started jumping off gutters and piling up bricks and put a plank on it and jumped off of it. Found a couple off dirt jumps around my area and would jump them and i thought that was awesome getting a little air at 8 years old.

Went to a skate park one day with a mate when i was 12 and some 20 year old bloke holding a beer asked me ''hey can i show you a trick on your bike''. He did a whiplash. I had never seen anyone do that before, it was wicked. From then on i started trying to do tricks. Never really got far, just 180's 360's, manuals and stuff riding around the streets everyday with mates and hanging out around the shops , that was about it untill i was 18 and started taking it more seriously. I bought my first good bmx, a Sunday Funday Pro. Started going to the skate parks every weekend doing crazier stuff. I'm 21 now and just finshed spending a stupid amount of money on building my dream bike.

My story...


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4/24/2015 6:28 AM

I watched some props episode with my friends a good 4 years ago (i was 10) i think but all i had back then was a heavy mongoose ravage to lug around just like the rest of my friends so not being able to pick them up led us to making a kicker and landings we we jumping at least the sizes of cars so when i began to think just jumping kickers was boring over time i built up my Wifi and now im here


4/24/2015 6:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/24/2015 6:41 AM

I always did wheelies when i was younger, sucked at skating, rode a mountain bike at skatepark daily, begged my mom to buy me a 2012 kink curb,then found out about cromo and talked her into the whip, now years later i have spent more on my own bikes and collection of parts than i have on my car, what a money pit.


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4/24/2015 8:05 AM

I always rode bikes. It's just something i have always done since i could walk really.

I remember my first bike was a Haro Nyquist Backtrail X4 i got for 20$ and cherished it. That shit was BOMB proof too, it'd still be going if i bothered to put it back together.

And i would always do really long wheelies and go fast at jumps on it and just love riding. Then one day i met this dude LJ that lived near Bethany and he had a lighter bike and was way better than me and i just remember thinking how cool it was. So i got to be good friends with him and his brother and i saved up a bunch of money for a Stolen Casino and orange tires and that thing was light and sucked dick but was fun to learn on. I wouldn't be the mechanic of bikes I am today without that thing too. Since it broke all the time I was used to fixing it. Oh and BMX videos always helped me. The Anthem 2, Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Garrett Reynolds, just the trendy ones everyone watches made me more interested in riding.

Then i bought a subrosa from a dude and a bunch of Ezra parts and then i broke literally everything for forever and started coming on here to find out what were some good parts and i eventually bought good stuff and here I am today. haha

thats the abbreviated version.


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4/24/2015 9:33 AM

I've been doing tricks since i learned to ride without training wheels. I almost pulled a footjam to frontflip when i was seven, didn't quite get the rotation haha.


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4/24/2015 9:58 AM

i started riding late, but what motivated me was when i was in college. i saw these older guys who were playing, and 1 guy passed in front of me doing manual and i was so amazed. i remember how his bike looked, so when i built my own bike the 1st time, i tried to make it look like how i saw that guy's bike like 6 years ago that time.
i've been riding for almost 2 years now. sometimes i do hang out on the place where i saw those group of guys but i never have seen them anymore. probably they've already quit riding.

that's for me.. hehe..


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4/24/2015 11:35 AM

bmx made me start bmx.


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4/24/2015 12:15 PM

My brother was a bmx rider, he rode on tracks, well, the tracks we could get on my country, all hand made tongue. I always liked the bikes and always had a bmx, until I was like 16 my bmx, a gt vertigo at that time got stolen, so I never ride again until a month ago, I bought a bmx, a gt compe, and is the new style of bmx, leaner, lighter...
So I was off for 13 years and I'm starting again aha, its a lot harder now, as I'm an old guy (28) but out of shape tongue

And that my story.

PS: I thought you hated everyone on vital tongue


4/24/2015 1:14 PM

i wanted to impress girls. it didnt work.


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4/24/2015 1:30 PM

I used to hang out with My friend in 6th grade I think and he raced bmx and I discovered boqer123 and I liked tricks like tabletops and toboggan, so I got a United complete for my birthday


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4/24/2015 2:08 PM

I've been interested in bikes ever since I could remember. I remember taking my first bike and hitting a big piece of ply-wood (propped up with logs) as fast as I could and pulling up as hard as I could. I made it half way around a back-flip then fell right on my head. Now that I think about it, I've taken allot of blows to head. Anyways, it progressed from there, to hanging out with my best friend (in a small town) and a bunch of skaters. We would just spend our days after school hanging out and one upping each-other. I miss those days, it was before all my friends got too serious.

My first bike was a Huffy Dirt-Dog


After that I bought a Powerlite p-19 falcon:


After that I got a Free agent flying fortress:


Now I rock a Fit Aitken s3, but just ordered a Sunday Soundwave V2 so I'll put pics up soon when it comes in.


4/24/2015 3:38 PM

I used to ride a mountain bike at the local bmx track and skateparks and of course by doing that I saw other bmxers and the tricks they could do and it looked like fun so I picked up bmx instead. I also used to (and still do) look at heaps of bmx videos on youtube. Sean Burns' part in deadbang was the first proper video part I saw and needless to say it blew my fucking mind.


4/24/2015 5:27 PM

Always jumped whatever bikes we could on bricks and board built jumps as kids , probably from watching evil knievel , then watched x games and was hooked on Bmx

All these years later I have mat
Hoffmans retirement x games mega ramp bike autographed in tribute to evil knievel

Been allot of years and allot of good times


4/24/2015 7:07 PM

rode my toysrus mtb at local trails with my firends


4/24/2015 7:17 PM

I used my walmart bmx to go to school, it was a ''Next" and heavy as fuck. I learned to hop naturally and one day I saw a video of a guy doing a 5 stair 180 fakie and I said ''HOLLY FUCKIN' SHIT! D: then months later I got hit by a car my bike broke so I needed a new bike and I had been working the whole summer. It was time for a change I went to craigslist to buy a nice one. I payed 400 for a custom premium, shadow n odyssey mostly. However, as the time went by, I've been replacing parts and the only originals from the begining are the bars and the seat. I can do a 3 stair 180 fakie and feel like a pro XDDD


4/24/2015 8:57 PM

I've been riding mountain bikes since I was a tiny kid, so I've always had a passion for bikes. I'd been racing XC and ST for about three years, and then I wanted to get into slopestyle MTB. However, I couldn't afford a proper slopestyle bike, so I figured I'd get a cheap redline dirt jump bmx bike, because I heard that bmx was great training, and similar to slopestyle mtb. So I rode the redline a lot, and the more I rode it, the more I fell in love with bmx. Then I discovered street bmx. I had always loved to skate when I was little, and the combination of street skating and biking sounded super awesome. And, before I knew it, I was riding brakeless with plastic pegs. So, yeah.


4/25/2015 8:40 AM

My brother raced bmx when I was a small kid, as in three years old. He used to take me to the race track with him, i had small red radio flyer bike back then and I was already riding around without training wheels. SO he decided to put me on his pro GT Performer. My childs bike had back brakes, the GT did not. I rode right into a barbwire fence pedaling backwards trying to stop and almost died because from thegash on my arm.

Aside from the near death experience from bloodloss and dangling from a barbwire fence. Bmx literally had me hooked from there. I WAS HAULING ASS!! i was so short, that I could hardly pedal the bike without teabagging the toptube. That was in the early 80's.

I have been riding a 20 since i was three, my dad bought me a huffy. Then my brother bought me a GT POWERLITE.

Then I bought my first bike. For $230 a redline bubba harris signature pro(yellow) from seattle bike supply.
Then my second my chrome redline proframe for $130
I randomly bought a 2012 eastrn traildigger for like $450 but it got stolen(and i wasn't too upset about it)
Then I bought my new redline device G7 and the shit cost me near $2000 (because I moved from washington state). I like jumping big piles of dirt, pedaling very fast, jumping curbs, and cutting off cars in traffic.





4/25/2015 8:42 AM

Nwewinit wrote:

My brother raced bmx when I was a small kid, as in three years old. He used to take me to the race track with him, i had small ...more