What’s the value of a 2011 Justice WeThePeople bmx bike?

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8/5/2013 6:39 PM

This kid wants $130 firm for his bike
The only cons I noticed was
1) He took off all stickers that indicated its brand and model
2) No brakes
3) S&M sprocket I’m not sure if those are any good?
That’s all I noticed but to the point how much would you estimate the value of this wtp justice bmx bike because i'm thinking about buying it?
-thanks Photo



8/5/2013 8:47 PM

taking the stickers off wont kill the value if its not old school witch its not I ride breakless myself its just what you like and s/m is a good brand in my opinion and its way better than the stock sprocket and 130 is a really good deal for that bike it retailed for over 500 I think when it was new and it looks like its still in really good condition


8/5/2013 8:48 PM

Yup sounds good.


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8/5/2013 8:50 PM

good deal


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