What size fork bolt is this?

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3/10/2015 5:33 PM

I have a set of extra forks that I recently started using due to the taller steerer tube length. It has a ugly fork bolt that stick up and Im wanting to order a one piece bolt but I dont know what size. I believe its an h10 here is a pic Photo


3/10/2015 6:14 PM

Looks like it, measure it to be safe. Or compare it to a 3/8" axle or axle bolt, if it's the same size then it's an H10

Also, grease that damn thing up when you put the new one


3/10/2015 6:28 PM

Thanks I used an adjustable wrench and it came out to 10mm thanks for the help. And I will grease it I can't tell you the last time they were greased lol