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12/2/2015 6:10 AM

I have a cheap eastern innova tyre (2.3) that was given to me for free by my friend because my one is stuffed.
it says on the side (standard psi 45-60, for competition psi please look at the leaflet if you have it)
can i ride like 70-80psi without it exploding or messing up my bike on me? im only using this as a rear tire for like a week or two until i get my new tyres.
and if you know the size of the tire when it is inflated please let me know! (i know it says 2.3 but tires inflate to tyre different sizes than what is put on the tire)


12/2/2015 6:47 AM

I wouldnt run more then 65 in it


12/2/2015 8:26 AM

Do you need any more than 60 in it? I don't think I've ever run a tyre with more than that.
If it blows off the rim with some force, you could deform the wall of the rim


12/2/2015 8:30 AM

grumpySteve wrote:

Do you need any more than 60 in it? I don't think I've ever run a tyre with more than that.
If it blows off the rim with some ...more

Thanks, i usually ride 90 psi because it feels great and not sluggish, also i ride mostly at a concrete skate park. The 60 psi i put my rear tyre felt very bad like if i landed hard it would dent my rim so i put an extra 10 psi in and it feels alot better, i got a really good thorn resistant tube in so i hope that will hold up the extra 10 psi for a week or so. smile


12/2/2015 10:35 AM

Tires TYPICALLY can handle around double what they are rated for before they explode/slip off a rim (again TYPICALLY) BUT you take the risk of them blowing out going over that range by very much, or the bead not grabbing the rim well and slipping off.

5-10 PSI over and you are probably fine, going like 30 PSI over is probably a bad idea.


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12/2/2015 10:04 PM

70 PSI, tops.


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12/2/2015 11:45 PM

The difference between 65 and 110 psi tyre is the carcass of it, the number of wire who will hold the abuse you put to your tyre (each impact : deforming / reforming) and this tyre is made for 60 psi, so you can pump it a bit more (~70 psi) but not too much because if you put 90 psi in a 60 psi tyre. It will hold the pumping pressure (probably...) but at the first big impact your tyre will blow up, because it´s made to hold for 60 psi + big impact, so 90 psi + lighter impact = "same thing" for the tyre, but 90 psi + big impact = boom !