Whats the safest way to bail?

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7/7/2018 3:16 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/7/2018 3:18 PM

I think there has to be a better way out there to bail off a bike once you land wrong/about to crash. I've learned that keeping my elbows/knees bent slightly is much better than fully locking out my joints and stiffing up. Also I try to distribute all the force rather than letting one body part take all the blunt of the force. Rolling for me helped.

But anyone know the best ways for bailing when it comes to minimizing injury?


7/7/2018 3:23 PM

Don't crash. Then you don't have to worry about bailingsmile


I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

7/7/2018 3:31 PM

Do what you gotta do to get away from the bike , toss it or jump over the seat , bars whatever . When you get trapped in the bike is when you take some hard slams , while jumping away usually just hurts your ankles and hips


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7/7/2018 3:35 PM

Wear a helmet , a mouth guard helps allot with cutting down on concussions , padding up was the best choice I ever made , should have done it years ago


7/7/2018 3:37 PM

tuck and roll if and when you can.

learn to get the bike away from you.

toss the bars down and between your legs as you spread your legs and jump.

every situation is a little different.


7/7/2018 5:07 PM

I've been pretty lucky in the past few years. I usually throw the bike away and manage to land on my feet, or if I'm going down I throw the bike and roll. Elbows and hips are what tend to hit most doing that, but I haven't had anything more than some grazes


7/7/2018 6:10 PM

Brendan44 wrote:

I think there has to be a better way out there to bail off a bike once you land wrong/about to crash. I've learned that ...more


Search: Seth's how to fall on a bike

Watch the video and then watch it again. After that, practice some of it, some you can't.

7/7/2018 6:43 PM

Yep. Best thing to do is prioritize your body. Dont worry about your bike getting hurt. Everything on your bike can be replaced.

Throw it away from you.


7/7/2018 9:30 PM

Stay home and don’t ride. Drink beer instead


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7/7/2018 10:41 PM

Stop, drop, roll. That’s how it always goes anyways.


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7/7/2018 11:53 PM

When clearing jumps you usually can just jump off the pedals and slow yourself by running it off with the bike still in your hands under you. If you're going too fast, welp. It don't work. Wrecking happens, you learn the muscle memory over trial and error. I can fly and slam hard but somehow not hurt myself seriously at all just from trial and error building the bailing muscle memory


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7/8/2018 5:22 PM

readybmxer wrote:

Stop, drop, roll. That’s how it always goes anyways.

You gotta light yourself on fire first


7/10/2018 12:47 AM

On an air, Don't hold on to the bars too long, let go. Don't go down with the ship!
Get your hands in front of you as fast as possible ready to break your fall.
Tuck and roll.
OR u can just pad up and let it fly!
And FFS keep watch when you're around scooters!

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