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StoreBoughtChild StoreBoughtChild
3/9/2015 9:38 PM

Cinema vx front hub. Cinema vx rear hub

Sun shred front male 3/8ths sun shred rear 9t rhd

Set of chrome odyssey hazard lites.

Set of black sun rhynolites.

Currently sun hubs are laced to sun rims on my bike. But the cinema hubs are laced to the odyssey rims and arent on my bike. Personally the cinema front hub is stronger than the sun front. But the sun back hub is stronger than the cinema rear.i dont understand what im supposed to do. Do I break the wheelsets and use whatever I prefer. like isnt that morally wrong to do that in the bmx world? Cinema in front. Sun in back? Or do I just use the sun in front and deal with it? lmfao Damn I cant make up my mind.

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StoreBoughtChild StoreBoughtChild
3/9/2015 9:42 PM

Cinema is 15mm female. Sun is 3/8ths male

Cinema is joytech 4 pawl single wraparound. Normal bearings in joytech hubs 3 driver bearings 2 hub shell Ones. Sun has 2 hubshell bearings then a bushing driver which actually makes it even smoother than a normal hub.

Basically what I want to hear from you guys is, should I ride the heavier rims for the strength or do I ride the lighter rims. do I split both the hubsets? What do I do? Lol

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StoreBoughtChild StoreBoughtChild
3/9/2015 9:43 PM
StoreBoughtChild wrote:

Cinema is 15mm ...more

Sun hub has 3 pawls single wraparound. I have 2 drivers and 2 axles for it. So Im pretty excited about riding this thing for a long time.

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