When learning a bar spin where do you practice?

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8/21/2019 12:19 AM

Near me there are no foam pits or air bags where could I learn bar spins I am thinking on a patch of soft grass


8/21/2019 2:29 AM

You want to learn hop barspin? Or barspin in general? Flyout would be the best, you have lots of time to throw it around. But before going on a ramp, it's good to practice throwing your bars around. Put your back wheel against something solid and just throw your bars.


8/21/2019 3:18 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/23/2019 11:11 AM

I practice in my lucid dreams

But in reality the only time i feel comfortable is when i fakie into a bank


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8/21/2019 4:45 AM

The ground is good.
Grass might be less scary but it will just fuck up the timing of your hop.


8/23/2019 10:13 AM

Francky wrote:

The ground is good.
Grass might be less scary but it will just fuck up the timing of your hop.

I learned on a synthetic turf field, it’s more even than grass and still soft. I eventually progressed to conrete and haven’t gone back to turf since.

Flyout is a lot easier than flat, I can do both but fly outs a lot less scary and easier to commit.


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8/23/2019 11:10 AM

I learned manual bars on flat ground, then did my first one in air on a dirt table.


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8/25/2019 3:58 AM

Landed my first barspin years ago hopping on an old mattress, works great.


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8/25/2019 4:16 AM

I learnt them on a dirt fly out


8/25/2019 11:07 PM

You guys are idiots learn them hop first


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