Where can i find parts for unsealed cassette

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5/1/2015 2:54 PM

as a project me and my son have been rebuilding a bmx bike me re-living the old days and him brand new and learning! on a budget which kinda sucks but we make due anyhow i need to find parts for an unsealed cassette the nut that screws in to hold everything in place (before you put the locknut on) and bearings would be a good start also need the prawls? and the spring or band that goes around. and please excuse my terminology if im a bit off when i was growing up all i really had to deal with was freewheel style. thanks for the help and tips.


5/1/2015 7:18 PM

Your best bet is honestly to just go to a bike shop. They'll probably have some of those cone nuts laying around, I'm not too sure where to even find something like that online cause online shops usually only carry stuff for sealed hubs.

Bearings as well you can get easier at a shop since they might need to be a certain size and sometimes it's hard to tell just by looking online, if they even have them online.

As for the driver parts, you MIGHT be able to get them online. Post a picture so we can get an idea of what they look like. If they're not an oddball part you could probably get away with using these




5/2/2015 8:00 AM

Also if you have any brand names that helps?


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