Where to ride in Atlanta

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2/17/2015 11:15 AM

Hey guys I am heading to Atlanta this weekend from Baton Rouge for Supercross. I was thinking about bringing my bike are there any good trails or skateparks around Atlanta? The fourth ward skatepark looks awesome but from what I have heard there are no bikes allowed. Let me know thx


2/18/2015 1:37 PM



BMX all hours at brook run


all kinds of parks here north of the ATL, I rode 4th ward a couple of times but it is not BMX friendly.

I'll be at SX too!

ride Brook Run and fall in love!!

Fowler is Amazing but can get crowded

Duncan is the bomb, I ride here most often cause its close to work


2/18/2015 1:46 PM

You guys are so fucking lucky.


2/18/2015 6:03 PM

Thanks for the response and info man! The hotel we are staying at is in South Atlanta so hopefully it isn't too hard to get through town to get to the north skateparks.


2/19/2015 1:55 PM


mountain park is closer to the southside and is super fun!!

here is a map I found of the ATL skateparks, hope it helps and you get some good riding in



2/19/2015 5:26 PM

Awesome thanks man!


2/20/2015 8:58 AM

Hells yea, Enjoy the Dirty SOuth!!