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Bucky763 Bucky763
12/1/2011 10:03 PM

Please ignore the prices. This isn't about price, it's about quality and how good it performs on the street.
Please list from 1-4; 1 being the best, 4 being the worst. This will be my first BMX.

If you know any bikes that's NOT Amber but is under $360, please suggest it!

Amber Strut
Amber Fathom
Amber Silo
Amber Altar

I want to learn to bunnyhop, and tailwhip.

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premiumallday premiumallday
12/1/2011 10:15 PM

altar 1
silo 2
fathom 3
strut 4

its kind of obvious.

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Spenlard Spenlard
12/1/2011 10:36 PM

Refs: Future FBM, Warchol2 WtfKennethXp Riversiderider TCbmx Riversiderider JakeSalbert

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cupovjoe cupovjoe
12/2/2011 1:50 AM

strangely enough i think price has a direct correlation to bestness.

ill have to do more research on it to find out.

trails are not skateparks, they exist solely from the work and dedication of local riders. so next time you start complaining about not having local trails to ride, you only need look at yourself.
Bike check?

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Rusty62 Rusty62
12/2/2011 2:38 AM

Dude I just got my Savior the other day and I totally love it! Took the brake and pegs off and it weights 22.6 pounds. I was kinda if-ee at first like everyone was but gave the company a shot. I am a die hard fan 4 sure. Hope that might help.

Girls with tattoos make me happy!

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Chuck8273 Chuck8273
12/2/2011 4:15 AM
cupovjoe wrote:

strangely enough i think ...more

Mr. Cupovjoe, you make me laugh!

Refs: Tito24, RiverSideRider, Stussy, Nettyspaghetti, Daniel24, Freddydapice, BrokenBMX, SuperstarDK, HardBMX_Tim. There's more, but I'm too lazy to look them up, haha.

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Bucky763 Bucky763
12/2/2011 3:03 PM

Alright sounds cool . Thanks all

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NebLikesBMX NebLikesBMX
12/2/2011 3:14 PM

Their all good and strong for your money but the colour-ways on them are shit :L

Instagram= suckmydeeeck

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bmx4orlife bmx4orlife
12/2/2011 3:31 PM

yeah whenever talking about bikes from the same company the price is how you tell which bike is better... if you dont know much about materials and stuff...

I have nothing against pegs at all, I don’t think you’re dumb if you ride pegs, I don’t care about your pegs, they are just pegs! What I do hate is the fact that every person in BMX hops on this bandwagon of three pegs, and beanies, and weed, and hop-over grinds… It’s just sad that the pros who influence kids are more worried about looking cool than the kids themselves! It’s crazy!-Trey Jones

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Bucky763 Bucky763
12/3/2011 9:28 PM
cupovjoe wrote:

strangely enough i think ...more

Lol, funniest thing I've heard all day. Good laugh

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Roqfan Roqfan
12/3/2011 9:31 PM
Bucky763 wrote:

Lol, funniest thing I've ...more

Buy MY bike, it's fully custom and stronger than any stock bike you'll buy if you dont mind putting in an extra 75$

2Hi throwaway



TRV-950 Footy

Holy shit Chad Degroot posted in my Good porn thread!

VX all day(fixed, raw video, real shit)

Refs: Stayinonmagrind, Dee hos, Kevin Burnett

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