Which Rim is Stronger?

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9/27/2009 2:04 PM

Im buying a new front rim for my bike and i was looking for an Odyssey rim. I looked at two rims and i cant decide which one to get. These are the rims:

Odyssey 7K-A
20x1.75". Made from 7005 series aluminum, the hardest, strongest aluminum currently available. Lightweight, double wall design with wide cross sections and welded "seamless" construction. (17 oz)


Odyssey Hazard Lite
Based on the original Hazard rim with thinner walls and shorter sidewall for less weight. Welded seam and inclined spoke holes for increased strength. 20 x 1.75" (17.7 oz).



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9/27/2009 2:07 PM

i think 7k-a


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9/27/2009 2:09 PM



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9/27/2009 2:11 PM
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7KA. I got it in the back and it's super legit.
The hazard is double walled btw


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9/27/2009 2:11 PM

both of them are really good but the 7-ka rim cost more and is a little bit lighter then the harzard lite


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9/27/2009 2:14 PM

Alright. Thanks for the help, because I'm getting it custom built in neon pink, but I was looking through all Odyssey rims and saw they both had the same color, and I just needed help figuring out which was the better rim. And the price isn't a big problem with me.


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9/27/2009 2:16 PM

both very strong.
any of them should hold up.
but 7ka is stonger


9/27/2009 2:39 PM



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9/27/2009 3:33 PM



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9/27/2009 4:20 PM

did you read the description?

"strongest aluminum currently available"

the 7ka is stronger.


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