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9/26/2008 8:14 PM

sup, i was wondering if i should get the Blend Park or the Black Pearl 3
Or is there any newer better bikes coming out shortly i should wait for?

also just want to share this to see your thoughts upon it.
i haven't bmx for like 3 years now, last time i had a bike was when i was like 13, and i could barely do **** haha, i moved after so i gave my walmart bike away it was 200$ or something i think.

I'm 16 now and i really missed bmx only sport i really had any kick out of even though i was complete ****.

concerning the black pearl 3 and the blend park, i know that these are expensive bikes for people with skills, though i have NONE, is it a bad idea to buy these? i would get a 300$ bike but its the fact that its not worth it when i can afford starting with a better bike, and i bet a bunch of people would be pissed to see a noob with a badass bike, lmfao. but i really rather start of with one of these bikes or something because i don't see the point in spending a bit less for a different bike when you can afford one of these instead.

anyways thanks for your time