Which bike for a 7 y/o starter.

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6/9/2014 4:42 PM

Im looking to buy a BMX for my 7 yr old daughter. It needs to be an 18" bike. It get a lot of use by her and is likely to be passed on to her brother in a couple of years when she moves on to a 20" so as its been 20+ years since I was last on a BMX and a lot has changed.
So i'd like to ask for help picking between the 3 bikes I've shortlisted.

We The People Arcade 18 2013 (£280)
Fit PK 18 2014 (£400)
Cult Juvenile 18 Inch 2014 Polished (£390)

I really like the Fit bike, she marginally prefers the Cult (but will be very happy with any proper BMX!).
But the WTP seems like maybe its better value, idk.. anyone got any advice?