Which bike is the best?

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9/1/2015 2:31 AM

Just wondering which bike will be of the best quality overall




9/1/2015 3:38 AM


But I like Dang Dang more than any other WTP rider tho....

So get the FIT.

48 splined.

And the frame is better suited for all types of riding than the Crysis.

The Crysis can do real good on street. But the Fit might be able to do better overall....

Any bike would be good.

I just dig the FIT tho....


It doesn't matter where a train goes. It's decidin' to get on that does.

9/1/2015 3:45 AM

ANd it comes stock with a 9 inch bar too.

ANd the color is....wow....

If I had seen this bike in 2014, the WTP would have shuddered in it's box for fear of not being bought...


It doesn't matter where a train goes. It's decidin' to get on that does.

9/1/2015 7:02 AM

Quality-wise, they are pretty much the same. Once you get into the $500+ completes, there isn't much difference in quality, they are all really good....and no real company puts out a "bad" bike anymore, especially at this price point.

Best-fit for you depends completely on you; your size and riding style/locations. The frame geometries are different enough with these two bikes that you could tell, and the Dugan is left hand drive. It would be best if you could test ride both of them side-by-side....that makes it easier to feel the difference. Really short, tall bikes like most street riders run could feel pretty squirrelly hucking off some tall, steep dirt trails....whereas a long, low bike would be a lot harder to do quick and snappy tech shit on ledges and flat rails.

Hope that helps.


9/1/2015 5:28 PM

My bike is the best


I love my bike but i hate myself
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9/1/2015 8:52 PM

Tony Hawk


Frmrly BmxBos
Ref: Robinson79, aaron.samuel.green

9/2/2015 5:23 PM

Tony hawk is best bmx