Which cruiser frame/complete to get?

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9/27/2015 4:32 PM

I bought the cult duff cruiser a couple months ago. The bike is very comfortable for me. Im concerned about the 3/8 rear axle, the rims look pretty weak, the aluminum fame, and the pinch bolt cranks. I'm 6' and 250lbs. I originally bought it for exercise but find myself dirt jumping stuff bigger than i thought i would. Made in usa is not a must but is nice, i know that only leaves the s&m. Would like to pick a company that gives back to bmx. Here are my thoughts:

sunday model c3 frame. Cheapest options with using the parts off the duff. Love the looks of this frame.

Stln gold frame.

Wtp atlas. Expensive complete with the nicest parts. Saltplus though?

Colony eclipse. I dont know much about colony. the steep head tube might make it too twitchy for me.

S&m atf. Expensive. Not sure if the geometry is like bmx like the others claim.


9/27/2015 4:53 PM

The wtp atlas looks good. There are people who swear by there completes as far as the saltplus stuff I've owned a set of salt cranks before just the basic 8 spline with pinch bolts and they didn't poop out on me while I had them. If you have a local bike shop call them up and ask if they have any of the bikes you're looking at that way you can get an idea of what they feel like.


9/27/2015 6:10 PM

Thanks for the reply. I think the atlas is the best equipped complete, and the price tag shows it. Is saltplus good? I dont want to spend all that $ on a complete and still have to upgrade the parts. On Long Island, no bike store carries cruiser bikes or parts. The whole bmx scene has been dying for some reason. Anyway, kind of leaning toward the sunday. I will probably want to get a rear wheel with a 14mm axle too though. That will be my next post since ive been out of the bmx scene since 95.