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7/26/2013 7:41 PM

Transworld ride bmx, the albion, bmx plus, dig, etc

personally, I prefer the albion because it has a more gritty take on bmx, and you can view it online from their website
which do you like best?


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7/26/2013 7:47 PM

I dont like any of them personally most of them are just a bunch of ads


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7/26/2013 7:55 PM

None I don't really look at bmx stuff.


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7/26/2013 8:07 PM

I'm subscribed to ride and it's pretty good for the most part. Decent amount of articles and interviews, i actually enjoy looking at the sequences and stuff in the ads too.


7/26/2013 8:14 PM

I dig em all


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7/26/2013 11:03 PM

Dig is my favorite


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7/26/2013 11:06 PM

I dont know. I will read anything if it has to do with BMX i love to learn about this amazing stuff! I love the Albion a lot as the articles are always a nice read! Ride is good too, just has a more sporty feel kinda to me.


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7/27/2013 8:08 AM

My favorites are Dig and The Albion. I kind of dislike Transworld.


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