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9/28/2017 2:44 PM

Again I know in the end my personal preference is best but just wondering what would you guys pick. Now I have a lot of tires lying around and not soon but at some point want to get some cult vans tires but till then this is what I am choosing from
Currently running a demolition momentum 2.35 front tire and a bsd Donna squeak 2.25 back tire. My other options would be

Demolition momentum 2.35/fit faf 2.25
Fit t/a 2.4/Fit t/a 2.4
Fit faf 2.25/bsd donnasqueak 2.25

Which one would you pick?


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9/28/2017 2:51 PM

I use fit faf 2.25 front and rear. Awesome tyres but a bit nobbley for the rear if you've got a wide slick tyre on the front. Maybe faf on the front, donnasqueak on the back?


9/28/2017 9:24 PM

I tried Fit T/A's and they were okay.

Good for sliders, somewhat squeaky, even a little grippy on dirt. Although whenever I was riding a skatepark and there was even the tiniest amount of dust/sand/whatever it'd slip like a mofo. 5/10

Fit FAF's are great! My buddy's been running a 2.25 pair for nearly a year and he loves them. A good all around tire. I've just started running one in the rear, and I like it. Would recommend the FAF's over T/A's any day.


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