Why can I land tricks consistently sometimes but not other times

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7/16/2018 5:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/16/2018 6:16 PM

So I was learning 180s 2 weeks ago and I kept landing them so I decided to try them a couple days ago and I didn’t land one, now I’m landing them consistently again. What’s happening here?
Edit: now I can’t even 90



7/16/2018 7:43 PM

You need steroids by the sounds of it , shrimpy arm syndrome sounds like


7/16/2018 7:59 PM

You're just not focused... happens to me sometimes. But not with my 180s, my 180s are super dialed, but it happens with my hop 3s sometimes... I used to be able to do them almost every try, but now I'm not as consistent with them...


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7/16/2018 11:32 PM

Don't get cocky, you need to be in the right place mentally. Confidence is good, but assuming you'll pull something just because you've done it before is naive. You still need to put the effort in and concentrate on what you're doing, especially since you've only recently learnt them.


7/17/2018 2:28 AM

Every trick requires a specific motion. You think you can skip some setps when you land a trick many times, but the truth is the whole motion still needs to be done. It’s a mind game more than physical.


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7/17/2018 2:30 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/17/2018 2:31 AM

Just not having the best day by the sounds of it. Some days I go out to ride and everything just clicks, progressing loads, landing new tricks, the next day I can go and ride, everything is terrifying and those same tricks just don't click. Just gotta make the most of it and don't be pissed when you're having an off day.

When I learned 180's, I needed a good day to land them because flying out of a quarter and landing backwards only works if you're committed.


7/17/2018 5:19 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/17/2018 5:41 AM

180's come and go real quick for me as well. Sometimes I can do them everytime whenever I want and sometimes I have to kind of do practice runs to remind my body what it needs to feel like and piece all the timing and movements together.

Also, if you are fatigued from the day before or just tired after a long day, things become more physically and mentally challenging.


7/17/2018 6:02 AM

I run into the same issues. I have days when I can spin, days when I can hop, days when I can grind. It all depends on the day. Fatigue and random muscle aches dictate what I can and can't do on any given day. Some days are great, others suck. When I'm having an "off" day, I go back to basics, think about the major things that work for me.

With 180's, I was told to basically think about it as if I'm just turning around. Hop---turn around. So when my 180's aren't working, I'll find a bank (so I don't have to worry about fakies) and carve waaaay to much, so that a 90 sorta feels like a 180. Then, after that feels ok, I'll carve less on the bank until I'm comfortable with the full 180 again.

When I'm learning a new trick/movement I need to take my time and slowly build up to what it is I'm trying to do. You can't expect to have a trick dialed after the first day, it takes a lot of reps to build muscle memory.

Keep at it, and it will click one day and you'll be a 180 master!


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7/17/2018 6:26 AM


Having something dialed one day and then not for a while happens.

I learned barspins in 2000 or so, and now I struggle with them (mental block on throwing them) sometimes because I rarely do them.


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7/17/2018 12:14 PM

Yeah just good and bad days like others have said. Sometimes I have dialed 180s, land my grinds every time and don’t case jumps and then other times I case the shit out of tiny boxes, can’t fakie at all and slip pegs on grinds


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