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3/18/2014 6:45 PM

So when I'm sixteen I get to go to Woodward tohoe for two weeks. It only an hour away and I plan going up there this summer a few times fir a one day session. Who has been/is going to Woodward east or west? And I am making the $2000 for two weeks myself. I already have half. Any other Woodward talk too.


3/18/2014 7:40 PM

Nope never been there and most like never will

Seems like a cool place though


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3/18/2014 7:40 PM

Why would you pay that much for 2 weeks?


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3/18/2014 7:42 PM

My friend works at the East one some Summers, keep in mind though that going to Woodward will NOT automatically make you a god on the bike. It's YOU who has to try, using their ramps & whatnot.

A lot of people think going to Woodward makes you come back really good, I'm not sure why because only you can push yourself to improve your skills.


3/18/2014 7:45 PM

I think its a load of shit. For that price I could go to a different park every day for a month. Woodward looks fun and all, but I would never pay that much to go.

I think there was something similar in Ohio called Ohio Dreams or something and it was only like $650 to go Id like to say. I dont remember forsure though.


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3/18/2014 9:03 PM

i have tahoe membership and i cant wait to go again. but thats too much to go for two weeks. unless its worth it to u then its all geez


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3/19/2014 8:47 AM

It'd be rad to ride their but I wouldn't pay that much money to stay there for weeks a a time and not even be able to drink or smoke and party on my vacation......I'd probably spend the money instead to go I Toronto and ride joyride 150 or some place like that to enjoy some freedom on my time off work


3/19/2014 9:35 AM

Id love to have a bmx camp here.




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