Would this idea be good? :)

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1/8/2016 3:31 PM

Those chips in my hub are from without hub guards, i put my old headset cap over the top of the locknut, its a bit higher than my hub and i also put this plastic material in front of the spokes kinda like a gland hub guard but its made out of very thin plastic just for a bit of protection (but thats not in the picture)
Should this be allright for a homemade hubguard just for now? im going to be testing it out today.


1/8/2016 3:37 PM

It's not very large so it might help a little, but it also might just lock you onto a rail between it and your spokes if the rail is thin enough.

I would invest in a legit guard asap.

Might be ok at a park, but not for anything rough.


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1/8/2016 3:47 PM

I feel like as soon as you hit it against something it's just gonna buckle and start rubbing your hub.

Also why do you have a spacer in between your peg & dropout?


1/9/2016 1:40 PM

Some frames tolerance can be as wide as 4-5mm out/specifically made for non intergrated guards, the 2012 hoffman bama was made wider by 3mm on purpose to accomodate guards.