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7/15/2015 11:16 AM

I've been running a freestyle BMX blog for the past 5 years and lately it has been getting a lot of momentum. I'm the only one who maintains, and keeps it up to date. With all the content BMX is producing everyday, its hard to take on this task myself so I'm looking for qualified candidates who would love to be a part of this. The website currently does not generate any revenue, but definitely has potential in the future to do so. I've been doing this for fun for 5 years and I love doing it. I've also been riding for 8 years so I'm not just some dude making a website whos not affiliated with BMX. If you're interested in becoming an Author/Contributor to our blog, PM me. I cant guarantee pay at the moment but I'm lining things up for the future so there is definitely a possibility. Also there is the possibility of receiving new parts since we are trying to work with other brands to promote their stuff. I'm looking to build a team of bloggers to help contribute to the site. Kranclife.com Every contributor will be featured on each post as-well as contributors section where we will feature your profile. This is a great resume builder and possibility foot in the door into the industry. Once again, this is non-paid at the moment... I want to find people who WANT to be a part of this & do a great job. No half a$$ sh!t. If you're interested, PM me. Ride or die fellas'



REFS: Stelle119 Also check my rep on BMX-Forum, Have much more there if you want to scope'