Youngsters first bike

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3/30/2017 1:44 PM

My son is 3, he's been racing his strider bike weekly at our local track (Perris Grand Prix). He currently has a cheap Tony Hawk BMX style bike that he can ride without training wheels, I don't get to make it out to the track as much as I'd like due to work but the wife said that they are also racing 12" pedal bikes. I was looking at getting him a micro mini for his birthday in a few months. But now I'm wondering if a better 12" would be better for now?


3/30/2017 6:30 PM

I put my 3 yr old on a we the people 12" bike and would recome d doing that before a micro. He's 4 soon and will get a micro to do some racing on then. In my opinion the smaller bike gives them a chance to develop skills quicker. E.g. Pedalling standing up, pumping bowls/quarters or jumps at the Bmx track.. Obviously depending on their size too. Good luck


3/31/2017 6:28 AM

Sorry to thread jack here guys. But I've been wondering what age kids usually get the hang of strider bikes? My son is 17 months right now hasn't had much luck with it. But I haven't tried much over the winter.


3/31/2017 6:46 AM

Thanks for the infor JW, that we the people bike is really nice. 7ply I got my son the strider about the same age as your kid, he messed with it but didn't show a huge interest then at about 2 and a half he was in the back yard and just flew by me on it LOL.