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12/25/2013 7:55 PM

Properly Bored! It's 3:15am & I'm wondering what you guys would Ride given the opportunity to get Your own Signature Frame? Give a little background into what style of Riding You do & let's spice it up a list Your last 3 Frames!

Last Three Frames:
1. Wethepeople Utopia
2. Zion Focus
3. Autum Razzia

Style Of Riding:

The Frame:
County Of Manufacturing: Taiwan

75.5 Degree Head Tube Angle
20" Top Tube Length
71.5 Degree Seat Tube Angle
7.75" Stand Over Height
11.875" Bottom Bracket Height
12.75" Slammed Chain Stay Length
5"/125mm CNC Machined Offset Butted Head Tube
Hydroformed Top & Down Tube Gussets - Perfectly Formed with the Head Tube.
Investment Cast Super Low Profile Seat Clamp
Externally Butted Seat Tube
Investment Cast Mid Bottom Bracket - Flat Underside for BB Grinds!
5/8" O.D Curved Seat Stay Bridge
Investment Cast Hollow Chain Stay Wishbone
D Shaped Chain Stays for Grind Resistance
Flattened Seat & Chain Stay Tips for Better Foot Clearance
8mm Hollow Investment Cast Hollow Drop Outs
Integrated Chain Tensioners through the Drop Outs
1-1/4" O.D Offset Butted Top Tube - Thinner on the Underside, Thicker on the Top.
1-3/8" O.D Offset Butted Down Tube - Thicker Underneath, Thinner on the Inside
Basically, I want the Super Thick Tubing to be in the line of Fire!
3/4" O.D x .035" Gauge Tapered to 1/2" O.D Seat Stays
3/4" O.D x .065" Gauge Tapered to 5/8" O.D Chain Stays
OBVIOUSLY there has to be a Raw Gloss Clear Coat offer & then some Trans Colours

Damn that took nearly 45mins haha PITA Dog fidgeting all over the bloody place!!!


12/25/2013 8:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2013 8:11 PM

last three frames
S&M Stricker
cult deathrow v1
Fit aitken s3.5

style of riding

le frame
American made

Specs not really sure i can ride any frame with out much trouble but these would be a few:

9" standover
13.5"-14" chainstay
integrated seat clamp
toptube and downtupe gussets (probably a wave down tube)
straight gauge tubing
full heat treated frame
Removable break mounts
6-7mm thick dropouts
Black or raw

Murica bike check
REFS four, tomdon, bmx1995, jared42069, obiwan chromoly, hate breeder, nshs2010, asilva23, rascio,
Alfred NYC, Kymike, chuck8273(kind of), tc86, Ugot2dewitt, LLURider, dprc, ecuadevil, scramhype, Mario.villegas90(X2), dirtstars22, Brian_Griffin

12/25/2013 8:09 PM

Last three frames were fit Aiken s2, Sputnik skyline v2, and a diamondback joker. I ride street and I'm getting into vert and trails. I honestly done know what geo I really like yet. But if I had a sig frame it would be heavier than most.


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12/25/2013 8:10 PM

Last 3 frames:

Skavenger el blanco loco
Wethepeople cream
Wethepeople justice

Style of riding:

Street - bowls - trails


Honestly if I could have a signature frame it would be exactly the same as my skavenger frame, geo & spec is perfect for me, only thing I'd have different would be 75.5 on the headtube angle and a raw colourway.


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12/25/2013 8:17 PM

Last three frames:

Fit Benny L
Total 657

Style of riding:




20.5 TT
75.5 HT Angle
12.9 CS Length
8 Standover Height
Intergrated Seat Clamp
Top & Down Gussets
11.8 BB Height
Drilled for Gyro
Removable tabs
Intergrated Chain Tensioners
Thick tubing in areas of stress.
Mid BB
Taper CS & SS
Cool Bridges
Cool Metallic colors & Black & Raw.

Refs: Scramhype x3, IRideAFly, Tomdon x2, HateBreeder x2, AndrewPeakmanBMX, TrendyDoo

For faster reply text me at 7024964706

12/25/2013 8:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/26/2013 7:51 AM

Last 3 frames:
FBM Gypsy V2 21.25"
WTP Elektroz 20.9"
DK General Lee 19.5"

Style of riding
Dirt is where the party's at, but park, ditches, gaps, whatever. Just not really grinds.


Specs of dat frame yo
74.5 HTA
14.125" CS
21.75" or 22" Top tube
9.25" SOH
71 STA
11.5" BBH
1 3/8" OD top tube double butted
1 3/8" OD down tube with a gusset double butted
1" straight gauge seat tube without an integrated clamp (#antitrend)
3/4" OD tapered to 5/8" OD SS 0.35 wall
7/8" OD tapered to 3/4" Od CS tapered to 0.49 wall
3/16" dropouts
1 welded cable guide
1 welded cable stop
welded CS brake mounts
Integrated headtube (externally relieved)
Mid BB
3/4" Straight SS and CS tubular bridges
Colors: Clear Raw, Flat Shit Brown, Flat New Mexico Dirt Tan

"Let it be heard: FOUR IS BACK MUH FUCKAZ"
Refs: Mobking, four, tomdon, Sickdude, xxOhioanxx onetrykid Krisner BMX
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12/25/2013 8:58 PM

Last frames
X games aluminum thing I ran with some haro and redline stuff
Haro backtrail


Type of riding
All around besides flatland. Sorry topsey

20.5 tt
9" standover
13.4 cs
Wrap around gussets
Integrated seat clamp
74.5 degree head tube
Heat treated all around
7mm drop outs
Welded gyro tabs
Welded brake mounts
Chrome green
Chromed water dipped stripes.


12/25/2013 9:00 PM

Last 3 Frames
Subrosa Salvador Dirt 20.5
Federal Renegade 20.75
Thats about it, but i ride a lot of other people's bikes...

Style Of Riding
Box Jumps

The Frame!
Manufacturing Country: USA--high end Titanium welders, welding a Chromoly frame (piece of cake for them!)

Headtube: 75 With offset butting, special shaped hourglass with a woman engraved into it
Chainstays: Extra thick tubing super tapered, 13.1 slammed-13.5
21 inch double butted toptube with a long piece of metal welded right down the middle, engraved with tribal markings
Downtube: Triangle shaped double butted downtube
70 degree seat tube angle
BB height 11.6
BB- Hour glass shaped, extra thick in the middle machined BB
Seatstay: ultra tapered, single butted with super thick metal towards the junction at the seat tube
Dropouts: Invest casted 14mm slotted with Hidden chain tensioners 9mm hollow
8.25 inch standover
Normal style gusset on TT and Sunday like bottom.
Mid BB of course.
Fully post weld heat treated, double baked.
4140 Chromoly
Fly EBS Brake mounts
Oil Slick, Trans Purple, Dust Proof Cocaine White, Flourescent Orange with Purple Trans coat, Clear Coated Raw, Dark Blue Trans with Gold Flake, Dark Red with Gold Flake, Dark Green with Gold flake.

My Signature frame would probably cost 550 bucks and everyone would want it. haha idk about some of the weird stuff i put in there, if it is even possible, but it sounds like it would be. haha

References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

12/25/2013 9:06 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2013 9:41 PM

Last 3 Frames
not applicable

Style Of Riding

made in usa

75.25 hta
13.420 chainstays
20.420 tt
70 sta
bb height idk
hourglass bb
investment cast dropouts w/ chain tensioners
8.475 standover
double gussets top and bottom
mid bb
post weld heat treated like 5x
welded seatstay mounts
raw color
straight gauge tubing, like 5.75 pounds
oh yeah and chainstay grind plates


refs: hookjrclc, hardbmxtim, hatchmoses for sale and trade, kymike for sale and trade, blizzbikes for trade, and some other dude i cant remember his username, vrsapat956, colonydirt94, mario.villegas90, wolfen
Camera Setup: Panasonic HMC150, Panasonic GH2, Canon FTBn, Yashica Lynx 5000e, Canon 28mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f1.4, Rokinon 7.5mm f/3.5

12/25/2013 9:13 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2013 10:07 PM

Mutiny sinister
Guerra martyr

Type of rider
Freestyler I do it all but I sure could up my flatland

Signature frame
I guess I kind of have it custom s&m with Eskimo stamped into it

13.0 chainstay
21 inch top tube
75 ht angle
71 st angle
8.25 standover
11.75 bb height
Brake mount less
Down tube gusset
4.25 pounds
S&m headtube badge was on it till I
Bombed a huge ass hill till I lost it
I got the only one so its not for sale

Bike check will be up this spring


12/25/2013 9:32 PM

Last 3 frames
- DK R/T
- Subrosa Salvador
- The Make Croft

Style of riding
-Street, street oriented park

The frame
-USA Made
-75.75 HT, CNCd, integrated, drilled for tabs
-20.9" TT, double butted, drilled for cable guides, wrap around open end gusset at HT, internal gusset at ST
-straight gauge DT, wrap around open end gusset at HT
-13.25" CS, straight gauge, wishbone style, removeable brake mounts, D-shaped tubing
-Double butted SS, wrap around gussets at the ST, single butted SS bridge tube, removeable brake mounts
-Triple butted ST, lower half of the tubing indented on the sides, wrap around gusset on the BB shell, integrated clamp, 8.666 standover
-CNC'd mid BB shell, concave for grinds
-7mm thick dropouts, removeable integrated chain tensioners, machined on both sides to reduce slippage of the back wheel, 14mm


Refs : SnM An1mal, GThompson121, Chuck8273, blizzbikes, bmxsteve99, kevin.brock.338, zinum, Brian_Griffin, billyhandyjunior, riverM, tomdon
Instagram : @timhankinsbmx

12/25/2013 9:59 PM

Something affordable for kids like me who can't get much.

Spec wise , just a 75.25 HT and a 13.3 slammed - 13. 65 chainstay , with an 11.75 BB and 6mm dropouts with room for fat tires. Other than that really , as long as its backed by a good company , I'd love that. Keep it strong with no butts and for riders who are on a budget !


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12/25/2013 10:03 PM

Fuck it.

Last Three Frames:
1. KHE Bar-Bados
2. Sunday OG
3. Haro Backtrail x2, only ever had 3 frames before my current Sunday haha

Style Of Riding:

The Frame:

County Of Manufacturing: USA

Geometry: (I'd like it really similar to my frame now, if not exact)

TT Lengths: 20.5", 20.75" and 21"
HT Angle: 74.5°
ST Angle: 71°
CS Length: 13.75"
BB Height: 11.75"
Standover: 8.5"

Weight: I'd aim for heavier than 4.5lbs, but lighter than 5lbs

Colors: Black, White, Dark trans blue, & occasionally limited edition colors

I don't really know a lot about butting/tubing gauges so I'm gonna leave that blank haha.


-4130 Heat treated chromoly
-Lifetime warranty ONLY if you have the warranty card
-Integrated headtube, campy spec
-drilled for gyro tabs for those who want them
-removable flush brake mounts with a wrench flat area on the top of them for easy removal
-Nice fat headtube gusset on the bottom similar to the Sunday, smaller one on top of the top tube
-traditional seat tube, no integrated clamp or wedge ready system.
-"offset" tubing in the down tube so the material would look like an O, but on the bottom it would have thicker material there for added strength, resist denting & retain a traditional look
-same as above style tubing in the chainstays, for the same reasons obviously
-8mm thick, smaller dropouts. would have about 1" of room to move the wheel around in
-Mid BB with steel 51mm internal spacer included in 19mm & 22mm (I always have problems with getting the exact size I need for that spacer, so making the spacer that is 100% guaranteed to fit included would be a blessing)
-Wishbone style chainstay bridge thingy
-Flat seatstay bridge with circular center stamped to look similar to a wheel
-Wide tire clearance friendly
-Stickers would be white on the black frame, black on the white frame, and white on the dark trans blue frame. other colors would have stickers in a color to compliment their color as well. 1 sticker would be a swirl-like design looking like it was coming from the BB shell to the HT, along the DT for 5" all around, then the company name/logo on the left side of the TT right by the HT


I'd wanna keep it cheap so it'd be affordable, but we all know that wouldn't happen. So it'd likely be in the $369.99-$399.99 range. I'd try to keep it lower though, but also do everything to make it the best frame possible so you get your money's worth


12/25/2013 10:35 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2013 10:40 PM

Last Three Frames:
1. Terrible One Barcode 21"
2. Verde Cartel Kiraly 20.75"
3. DK Cygnus 20.25"

Style Of Riding:
All around with a focus on trails and burly street.

The Frame:
County Of Manufacturing: United States of America

Toptube Lengths: 20.937", 21.2", 21.5"
Headtube Angle: 74.5*
Seattube Angle: 70*
Seattube Length: 9.5"
Chainstay Length: 13.6-13.9"
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.55"


-Full 4130 Chromoly.
-OX Platinum Top and Down tubes.
-Integrated 5" long long taper headtube.
-Double butted 1 3/8" top tube.
-Straight gauge 1 3/8" downtube.
-No top tube gusset.
-Top and down tubes meet at the headtube to form an actual triangle.
-Less extreme Intrikat style downtube gusset.
-Headtube is basically double butted, thicker at each end, thinner in the middle.
-No gyro tabs.
-Either welded CS mounts or no brake mounts.
-Traditional top of seat tube.
-Externally butted seat tube.
-Externally machined Mid bottom bracket. Hard to explain the shape. As minimized as possible on the bottom to give more clearance for grinds, but beefier on the rest of the sides to provide a better welding surface.
-'01 Volume Destroyer style top tube/seatstay junction. Top tube continues past the seat tube with the seat tube piercing through it, top tube curves down to act as a seatstay wishbone.
-Chainstay wishbone junction.
-Straight gauge .035" seatstays taper from 7/8" to 3/4".
-Straight gauge .049" 7/8" chainstays.
-2.5" tire clearance, just a bit smaller than normal.
-Chainstays are just low enough to provide enough brake clearance for 30/9 gearing with Evo 2s.
-1/4" thick dropouts, fit as flush as possible with a 34mm diameter peg. The top part of the dropout is longer than the bottom, so it can kind of "catch" your wheel as your installing it, which can ease installation. The ends of the dropout have 3mm diameter rounds to get rid of the sharp edge. Integrated chain tensioners. The dropouts have a ton of contact with the stays to beef up the rear end, possibly an extra inch of welds. 113mm spacing to easily fit two chromoly hub guards.

Basically a stiff as fuck frame that will take any abuse you can throw at it no problem. It'll feel awesome on anything from street to trails.

12/25/2013 10:38 PM

Last 3 frames
Sunday funday
Stranger day tripper
solid k.i.l

Street style

Made by standard

Head tube angle: 75
seat tube angle: 70
Stand over height: 8.75
Chainstay length : 13.5
Bottom bracket height 11.65
All straight Guage super thermal tubing
STA style gusset
Pierced top tube / seat tube goes through top tube
Wishbone seatstay & Chainstay
20x2.40 tire clearance
Rounded box shape tapered Chainstays
8mm thick Sunday style dropouts with built in chain adjusters
Externally butted seat tube
Chain stays angled for extra grind clearance
shark fin bottom bracket
Hourglass head tube
Tubing wise down tube and Chainstays would be a little bit thicker that the top tube and seatstays


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12/25/2013 10:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2013 11:02 PM

Street and park
The sickness
83° headtube
Integrated headtube
4.85 inches wide
20.75 inches wide.
Flat bottom

Features: 41 thermal heat treated
Have the headset be a little tight around the bearings so there is no play in it.
Headtube cutout in the shape of a palm tree
Plenty of deck clearance so your foot won't hit on footjams.
Easy to dial brake setup.

Colors: trans beige and trans blue


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12/25/2013 11:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/26/2018 11:48 AM


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12/25/2013 11:33 PM

SickDude wrote:

Street and park
The sickness
83 headtube
Integrated headtube
4.85 inches wide
20.75 inches wide.
Flat bottom

Features: 41 ...more

It's a scooter you fucker lol


Instagram : braydenbuckingham
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12/25/2013 11:57 PM

Last Three Frames:
1. Sunday Funday v2
2. Fit Flow

Style Of Riding:

The Frame:
County Of Manufacturing: Murica

Just give me a Made in Murica Wifi painted Matte Yellow as my sig colorway


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12/26/2013 1:22 AM

Style Of Riding:
Sort of half Flowy Park half technical Park/Street

The Frame:
Country Of Manufacturing: UK

20.5, 20.75, 21 and 21.25” Toptube Lengths

13.5-14.25” Chainstay Length

9.25” Standover Height

11.75” Bottom Bracket Height

75 Degree Headtube Angle

71 Degree Seattube Angle

Traditional Seat Clamp Slot

Welded Chainstay Brake Mounts with Removable Hardware/
Fully Brakeless

4140 Chromoly 10mm Thick Hollow 14mm Dropouts

4130 Chromoly Mid Bottom Bracket Shell

4130 Chromoly 1 1/8” Integrated Headtube

Wishbone Chainstay

4130 Toptube and Downtube Gussets

1.5” Downtube

1.375” Toptube

0.625-0.875” Tapered Chainstays

0.625-0.75” Tapered Seatstays

Reynolds 853 Air Hardened Chromoly Tubing

Fully Post Weld Heat Treated and Tempered


12/26/2013 3:59 AM

Last Three Frames:
1. Dirty Steel Paramount
2. Stranger Dream Machine
3. United Mothership V2

Style Of Riding:
Street, Park, Trails

Der Frame:
County Of Manufacturing: Taiwan

74.5 Degree Head Tube Angle
21.25" Top Tube Length
71.0° Degree Seat Tube Angle
8.8" Stand Over Height
11.7" Bottom Bracket Height
13.5" Slammed Chain Stay Length
Top & Down Tube Gussets
Integrated Seatclamp
Spanish BB
Grind Plates on Chainstays
Bottom Wishbone
8mm Hollow Investment Cast Drop Outs
Integrated Chain Tensioners through the Drop Outs
Flat Clear colour

12/26/2013 6:40 AM

Last Three Frames:
Only my stock WTP frame

Style of Riding:
Street and Park

The Frame:
Taiwan, where WTP makes their frames

75° Headtube
20.95" Top Tube
71° Seattube
9.25 Standover
11.65 BB Height
13.10 - 13.5 Chainstays
Top and Downtube Gussets
Brakeless Design
Oval Downtube and Chainstays
Chainstay Wishbone
Hollow invest cast Dropouts
Color would be raw or a dark glossy green


Instagram: @bjoernkrg

9/26/2018 12:46 AM

SickDude wrote:

Street and park
The sickness
83 headtube
Integrated headtube
4.85 inches wide
20.75 inches wide.
Flat bottom

Features: 41 ...more

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

It's a scooter you fucker lol

You are a douche brayden


9/26/2018 1:14 AM

Holy shit this thread makes me wanna go dial in me feebs. Unfortunetly i can’t because of me shoulda, m8’s.


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9/26/2018 1:16 AM

blaaaaaaaaa wrote:

Last three frames were fit Aiken s2, Sputnik skyline v2, and a diamondback joker. I ride street and I'm getting into vert and ...more

“Getting into vert and trails” hahahahahahahahahahahaha what a fuckin idiot


I love my bike but i hate myself
bike check


9/26/2018 1:34 AM

LMFAO 5 year bump to call me a douche . Boy do I love this site whistling


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9/26/2018 1:57 AM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

LMFAO 5 year bump to call me a douche . Boy do I love this site whistling

You really must mean a lot to him smile

I've got a signature frame, because I'm a badass. I'm pro and everything. I've got my own sprocket, and I'm working on my own stem too (the easiest way to get sponsored and turn pro is by starting your own brand....... That's literally the only reason I done it)


9/26/2018 3:09 AM

SickDude wrote:

Street and park
The sickness
83 headtube
Integrated headtube
4.85 inches wide
20.75 inches wide.
Flat bottom

Features: 41 ...more

I want those new 6" x 24" decks with the 84 hta


9/26/2018 5:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/26/2018 6:00 AM

Oh fucking word Sam Kaye? This is a good laugh


9/26/2018 6:20 AM

Super-Pawl wrote:

Oh fucking word Sam Kaye? This is a good laugh

This was one of the best thread necros in a while