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9/10/2013 11:07 AM

How & when did you get into BMX? What bike did you start on? What started you off? Etc.

My story-
I was 12 years old and I had just moved to STL when my parents divorced. My mom told me we were moving in with her best friend that I knew. As soon as we got in town, she told me we were moving in with her exboyfriend who I had never met (they're now married and he's a total dick) and I was pissed. I was forced to move in to a 3bedroom 1bath house with me, my brother, my mom, my stepdad, and his 2 daughters. Not too mention my mom made me get rid of my dog, and wouldn't let me give it to my dad, because the guy didn't like it. I hated it and went into somewhat of a depression, which I filled by riding my Razor Brand (yes, the scooter company) 20in bike around the block 20+ times a day. And one day, I went an extra street over while circling around. There was about 5 kids a little younger than me riding little plastic kicker ramps in front of this kids house. They yelled at me and asked me to race them so I did. And I hung around and watched them ride their ramps, and they eventually talked me into hitting them, I rolled over them and was hooked. I loved it so much, and this was the first time I had ever experienced BMX. A few months later I ordered a DK R/T frame for only $73. I hammered my standard headset bearing races into the integrated headtube (with no idea what I was doing) and put on some threaded forks and GT bars, some crappy unsealed, single wall wheels, my shitty railed seat, bell grips, mongoose tires, but when it came time to put on my cranks, I realized 1pc won't fit in my spanish bb. I threaded 2 GT pegs onto the back and kicked her around like a scooter for about a half a year, until Christmas, when I ordered Mission Transit cranks, Nitrous OG forks, Nitrous stem, Shadow Conspiracy 11b bars, Sputnic headset, Kink BB, and an Eastern Electron front wheel ( I bummed a backwheel, seat, and pedals off friends) i was super happy. That bike got stolen, insurance bought me a new one, and to this day, BMX is still my life.


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9/10/2013 11:35 AM

I just started riding last year. I started because i was tired of walking everywhere so my parents bought me and my bro some halfway descent bikes off CL. I knew how to bunny hop already since i had rode bikes since i was like three but stopped at like age 8. So then i actually hit some dirt ramps and then bought a frame and im slowly but surely building a dream bike. Plus a lot of help form my local park for those older guys who help you on shit.


9/10/2013 11:54 AM
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depends on what you consider "starting riding"
when i was in 8th grade i started with my gt learning to do bunnyhops and go off little ramps. the next year (i think) i got a mirra blend 2 and thats when i started REALLY riding. i learned feebles, smiths, double pegs, x-ups, 180s and 360s on that bike. i started off because me and my friends used to just ride our bikes everywhere around our neighborhoods after school and that got me to meet one or 2 kids who rode. they taught me a few things and once i got into high school i became friends with a bunch of other people who rode. we started riding, and then went to the skatepark and the rest is history. i was on and off my bike the end of my high school years, but in the past year or 2 ive gotten back on and im right back to where i used to be and now progressing even further

EDIT: im a junior in college now FYI


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9/10/2013 12:51 PM

"I tried to walk to the sun one day..."

Haha. I always liked riding but I always had crappy bikes, I never have lived in a decent scene, and I suck(ed). Chaz.Bryan rode, I knew he rode and he knew a lot more that I did so I started hitting plastic kickers on an 18in mountain bike. At this time I was like 12 so a 12 year old riding an 18in bike isn't good, but I did it. I kept slamming my knees off of the stem and the frame and the bike was just getting me hurt. So finally, I sold all the old crappy Next, Mongoose and Huffy bikes that didn't fit me anymore, I got around $110 , I went to WalMart, and bought a Mike Spinner bike and I started to learn to hop, foot jam, boost, etc. I learned all of the basics on that bike I guess. A month or two passes and I am just having a blast on my new "awesome" bike, and then, I met Max. (MaximusBikes) Max basically told me that he got that I loved riding but I wasn't gonna improve and have as much fun and everything if I didn't get a good bike. I thought that a good bike was fully custom, at least $1000 bike, so I figured I could never get a good bike, and then he showed me VeinBMX and Danscomp. I started to like Amber's bikes so I looked through Vein and I eventually found a few that I liked. I asked Max which one I should get, he said with my budget, the Silo would be the best, so I got it. I never would have thought I would doing what I am now. I only (I say only because a lot of people have at least a grand in their bikes.) have a little over $700 in my bike right now and I am pretty satisfied with my setup! It's still a working project, but if it weren't for Chaz and Max, I wouldn't be riding and I wouldn't be the same person.


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9/10/2013 6:10 PM

Well i have always had a love for bikes, ever since i could walk. I always rode bikes, as a kid, i rode up and down my driveway when i lived in Alabama and hit jumps i made from weird things i found. Fast forward a bunch of years, i was 15 and i always knew i liked riding bikes, 90% of my free time still consisted of riding. I did distance riding, mountain biking, i did a little BMX and it all started when i got a Haro Backtrail x4 Nyquist for 20 bucks! I did wheelies, learned to hop, learned 180s (surprisingly) and then i met a guy named LJ who i had known for a while, and one day we started riding and he did a few 360s and all kinds of stuff that baffled me! I realized i needed to get a bike that wasnt 40 pounds so i could even attempt this! So i bought a Stolen Casino and it was fun and real light, but broke nonstop so i bought a Subrosa Salvador off my friend and slowly broke everything and replaced it with nicer stuff and made the bike i have today. I still ride a ton, i learn tricks nonstop and i live, love, and breathe BMX. I try to do good for the community, but get nothing but shit and cant wait until i can ride in a free country again!


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9/10/2013 6:30 PM

the summer before 6th grade I was scrolling through the channels and landed on X games Megaramp. The very first run I saw was Anthony doing that double frontie. the next day i went and got my dyno bmx out of the shed and rode my little plastic kicker and thinking i was on a megaramp lol... then that same day my brother came over and was like oh hey you got that bike out of the shed.. I m gonna need it back and he took it that day... A day after i got into bmx.. Then i got to middle school and the library had bmx plus and ride bmx in it and i started getting those everyday for 3 years. i read every single one the library had atleast twice. It took me a year and a half to save up for a bike. on my birthday i got a cheap mongoose and rod ethe crap out of it and then slowly bought newer better parts. the next year i found a slightly used frame forks bars and stem on CL and bought that and that was when i really started learning tricks... im in 11thgrade now.. truthfully if my brother hadnt taken the bike away i wouldnt have stayed with it.. i would have just gone back to hockey in a day or two.


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9/10/2013 6:40 PM

Started riding at age 5, began dirt jumping at 10. Growing up I was fortunate enough to have 3 great dirt trails within a few miles of my house. In those days, everyone rode after school and during the weekends, with summer break being one huge dirt jam. When I was around 13 or 14, a kid moved to my town from Ohio, and he was huge into racing. I decided it'd be cool to try it since back then, we all rode race bikes anyway (I had a Powerlite P-61 at that time). I placed 1st in state for my age and class 2 years in a row, mainly because I wasn't afraid to jump IMO. Quit riding after high school...they frown upon bringing bikes to boot camp LOL! Anyway, I finally started riding again after a 14 year hiatus. It's great though, because my son just got into riding and racing, so we ride together doing street and park which is something I never did back in the day. I still don't race, but it's tempting to start back up every time we watch my son race.


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9/10/2013 7:13 PM

Back in the eighties, can't remember the year exactly...
Decided one day I wanted to learn to ride a bike. Traded a used skateboard and a Mark McGwire rookie card for a friends bike for a couple days, rode it around my neighborhood learning the basics, and after some scrimping and saving got a heavy beast. Columbia Firestar I think it was...
Rode it all through high school till it got stolen, never thought much about it after that, until a couple years ago. Friend of mine I rollerbladed with happened to have a Haro I could borrow. He rode an Eastern he sunk a ton of money into, and rekindled my forgotten interest. Finally gave in to myself, bought a WTP justice to start on, added piece by piece. Got my Cult OS frame a couple days ago, and back into the groove....
Nothing like it. Except maybe blading, but that is a whole other story. Lol.


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9/10/2013 7:20 PM

It was yhis summer, my best friend invited me to the skatepark, he made me bank transfer and I loved it. went evrry week until the cop as kickef us out. since thrn I have been building vintage bikes.


9/10/2013 8:36 PM

I used to go mountain biking with my dad when I was little. When I was like 8 I got a free agent maverick and actually I bought a second one the next year to keep at my grandmas. I would always race my friends around and I was pretty much the fastest kid that I knew. I'll never forget the time we made a ramp in my back yard out of dirt and we hit that thing all day and even used our old little 16 inch bikes on it haha. I eventually got an play station and later an xbox and no-lifed gran turismo 4 and forza cuz I love cars and want to race cars if i couldn't bike. So when I started 7th grade I had to ride my bike to school everyday. I don't remember what it was that got me started but I started trying to do tricks. It took me 2 months to learn how to bunny hop on my free agent. I remember one day after school I jumped a six step with that thing it was scary as shit and I haven't even done it on my new bike haha. At the same time my dad started getting into mountain biking and road biking and I started riding with him and I love mountain biking. I started learning how to work on bikes from my dad and just doing it cuz my free agent broke all the time lol. Anyways I started riding my bike all the time and it was braking all the time and I was getting experience from mountain biking and road biking too. So at the end of 7th grade my dad told me if I got all A's I could get a gun. I thought about it and told him I wanted a bmx bike instead. That was the best choice of my life so far. I got a 2012 fit Atiken 2. Now I ride my bike everyday and and I am in the process of upgrading it even more. I also mountain bike. I did 4 cross country races a couple months ago, and I am doing a dual slalom race next month. Now biking is my life.


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9/10/2013 8:41 PM

I ride da bike, da bike fun, so i spend tonna monay on da bike, now i ride da bike still all deez ears bruh.


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