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8/1/2013 1:07 AM

I think Adam is a phenomenal YouTube bmxer. I love watching his videos and his attitude is good and his riding is good, along with his friend Cody. I was wondering what you guys think of him or if you've heard of him at all.


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8/1/2013 1:40 AM

I know of him. He seems alright. He is always really hyper and that is probably why he is good at BMX. I have always kinda felt like he has no real style. He rides like any other street rider. Which bums me out. He started on Youtube for the wrong reasons, wanting money, sponsorship. He had his head up his ass at that point. He learned though haha Personally i think he takes himself a little too seriously, but i admire him for building basically a name for himself out there and im sure he makes bank off of those shirts and stickers. He has a good time and i like his videos. Even his how tos have helped me learn tricks from time to time. He is a good person im sure. I wish he had a bit of style, but it doesnt matter really. Haha i think he is a very lucky kid to start out, he made money off youtube to go to woodward, he has his own half pipe and some other ramps, always had a nice bike, and seems to go to skateparks often. I never really had anything handed to me in my life. It took me a long time to build up my bike and all. I work my ass off to do that, and he makes a video and makes 1000 from people clicking stuff?? That is too easy. I couldnt have done that though, probably atleast, or i didnt think to, so i give him props for that! hahai wish i could have had a ramp in my yard. I have to build my own jumps and trails just to have something to ride a bit. I think he does something good for BMX overall, he shows the world another side of it. Someone that is good that also isnt sponsored and a kid that is like us in a way. People like to see that comparison, it makes them feel good. Honestly i am one of them. He does try too hard to be funny at times... haha Cody is funnier i think.


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8/1/2013 2:10 AM
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MaximusBikes wrote:

I know of him. He seems alright. He is always really hyper and that is probably why he is good at BMX. I have always kinda ...more

+1 on the in depth-ness! I agree his style is much like many others. If I'm not mistaken he comes from a wealthy family as well which helps a lot. I'm not sure he necessarily "tries" to be funny more or less than it is just his personality in my opinion, but yeah I think Cody is much more relaxed with his humor (by that I mean he funny without knowing it? Idunno haha), which I like.

He also has a BADASS BMW, too bad it's an auto :p


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8/1/2013 2:37 AM

The video where he breaks his bars is too fucking funny.


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8/1/2013 7:41 AM

He's a talented rider, but like Maximus said, he has no style. And he's not funny. He comes off as annoying in his webisodes and the merchandise he sells is stupid. But I admire how far he has come.


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8/1/2013 7:48 AM

I don't care for him


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8/1/2013 7:58 AM
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He's a cunt. I don't watch his videos.


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8/1/2013 8:20 AM

He used to beg for money, like it was really bad. He would say in every video a couple times to like and subscribe and then he would go on to Facebook and instagram and ask for subscribers there too.

He's a good rider.


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8/1/2013 8:37 AM

he's a sick rider but yeah, no style and listening to him annoys me, just how he talks...


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8/1/2013 10:06 AM

hes got some talent, gotta respect him for using the whole youtube thing, im sure he has helped out some younger people tip-wise, but as mentioned above, hes gotta give the bad attempts as humor a severe rest. personally, hes the type of person id avoid if i was out riding, but thats just me.


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8/1/2013 10:12 AM

The whole making money from youtube messed up youtube lol.


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8/1/2013 10:17 AM
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8/1/2013 10:18 AM

Never seen a single one of his video's. Don't plan to.


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8/1/2013 10:57 AM

Collin_McClenahan wrote:

Never seen a single one of his video's. Don't plan to.

your probably watching one of his videos now. I mean he is cool i like his how to's and tip's they have helped me out a lot.


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8/1/2013 11:02 AM

i dont have anything against him i think hes a great rider and i watch his videos idk why people hate him so much he never really in oneof hisvideos was tht much of an asshole and he shows he has fun riding you never see him doing any of TCU stuff in his videos like excessive cursing or drugs


8/1/2013 11:09 AM

He's annoying as fuck.
It seems like he's trying to hard to be "Good".
He's alright at riding but like Maximus said, he doesn't possess style.


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8/1/2013 11:42 AM







8/1/2013 11:54 AM

Just from a riding stand point i think he's good and i actually enjoy his edits. People get so pissed about the whole making money off youtube thing but if you were in his position and making $500+ a month easily from doing nothing you would be doing the same thing. That said i think the whole youtube thing has worked against him ever getting hooked up by a legit company. Too many people have negative views of him now for some reason or another, if it was anybody else at his skill level i definitely think they would at least be getting some flow.