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2/22/2011 3:50 PM

AWwww DAMnitttt sad(sad((((sadO(((( fuk. lol. o well. wtp feelin's 2.25 front and back any good?

Hi Ryan,

Sorry we arent expecting Klytes any time soon (in any colour). We may
make them later in the year but I would think the Orange colour will be
long gone by then. All ourtyres are tested upto about twice the rated
pressure (for blowing off the rim etc.) so while I cant recommend
running the paths to 105 they have certainly been tested to that level.
The lower rating of the klytes is intrinsic to the aramid(kevlar) bead
so when we do do klytes of the Aaron Ross tyre they will probably only
be rated to 90 as well.

Just to be clear, do not run tyres to higher than the rated pressure, if
you do it is at your own risk...


On 22/02/2011 23:22, Ryan Duffy wrote:
> Hey george i really like odyssey tires and ran aitkens before and were great but due to me running 2.25 front and back it felt sluggish during riding far distances obviously. Thats why i usually run 2.10's front and back. I also only use folding tires because i just cant get the non folding tires on and i love the rotational weight savings. I was wondering when those aaron ross tires are going to come out in the folding/klyte version? as i need new tires soon and im running animal glh-r's and they were good tires but dont have great grip on smooth ramps or trails. Your probably thinking just get 2 x 2.10 path klytes but i dont like the fact that their 90 psi and i like running my tires at 105psi and would rather not risk 45 bucks down the drain. So when are the klyte aaron ross tires coming out and are you guys planning on making em in orange in folding too?